As NFL Playoffs Near, Betting Opportunities On Super Bowl Futures Are Narrowing

Super Bowl Futures

As the regular season for the NFL is coming to a close, gamblers are looking for betting options for the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl futures. 

The closer we get to Super Bowl time, Super Bowl Odds will decrease with every passing day. There are still opportunities on the odds for those who didn’t lock in a pick before now.

Three teams have been at the top for the NFL season so far. The Kansas City Chiefs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Green Bay Packers are those top three teams in the Super Bowl Futures race.

The Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots are two teams that were longshot teams at the beginning of the season but have now gained ground in the Super Bowl futures race.

Chiefs And Buccaneers Favorite For Super Bowl Rematch

After Tom Brady’s historic Super Bowl 55 win, the Buccaneers did everything to keep all the starting players from that run. The Chiefs lost some players, but they have retooled their offensive line for Patrick Mahomes. All this made the Super Bowl 55 opponents favorites for making it to Super Bowl 56.

The Buccaneers are looking to make it back behind the arm of Brady. They will have to rely on him more as they have lost some of the most important players around him to season-ending injuries. The question will become, “Can Brady win without some of his biggest playmakers around him?”

On the Chiefs’ side, they started the NFL season looking bad, going 2-3 in their first five games. But since then, the Chiefs have turned things around and are in the playoffs again. 

But with some close games, the Chiefs will need to play better on defense as they look to make the Super Bowl for the third time this season.

Cardinals And Patriots Look To Shake Things Up On Their Unexpected Regular Season Run

The Cardinals and Patriots were longshots to make the Super Bowl this year. Most people didn’t have either team making the playoffs. Both these teams are on their way to punching a ticket to the playoffs, hoping that they will make it to the Super Bowl.

The Cardinals started the season 7-1 but lost top defensive player J.J. Watt in week seven against the Texans. Since then, the Cardinals have dealt with injuries to their best offensive players in Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. They will need to stay healthy to have a chance at the Super Bowl.

Since week seven, the Patriots have turned things around and lit up the scoreboard. During their seven-game winning streak, the Patriots scored 225 points while only allowing 73. A combination of a good ground game and excellent defense has allowed the Patriots the chance of a spot in the playoffs.

Can Rodgers Lead The Packers Back To The Super Bowl?

The Packers have already punched their ticket to the playoffs by winning the NFC North. Rodgers is looking to prove a point this year as this season has revolved around trade rumors and Rodgers’s unhappiness with the Packers coaching staff. 

Rodgers has also been dealing with a toe injury that may need surgery by the end of the NFL season. But Rodgers isn’t letting that slow him down as he takes the Packers to the playoff again.

Current Futures Odds Favors Hedging Of Bets

The current betting market allows for hedging bets on the Super Bowl Futures. With these five teams and their odds, some smart hedging can allow for someone to cash in if any of these teams win the Super Bowl. 

But as time goes on, these odds will go down, and opportunities will start to close.

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