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business's video security

Are you searching for the best business’s video security system? If so, then know that there are some important features that you should consider before making the investment. A decent business video security system should deter gatecrashers, keep your business safe, alert you to events, and provide unwavering evidence in case something happens.

In addition, your business’s video security system should be easy to implement, easy to use, and give you some boasting privileges for the convenient safety features it has.

Many people indiscriminately purchase a video security system for their business from a manufacturer or website and later have a negative experience. This is partially because they don’t factor in what a good business’s video security system should feature, or consider their unique needs for a video security system.

So that this doesn’t occur to you, this guide will tell you some of the best features that you have to consider when researching your business’s camera surveillance system. Use this guide to help you choose the right things that will suit your business needs.

Choosing a business’s video security system with the correct lens size is by far something that you should always do. A camera with the right lens will produce exceptional results for your business security needs, and is often overlooked by businesses purchasing security cameras.

Lens sizes are estimated in millimeters. The larger the number, the higher the quality or zoom functions the surveillance camera has. Today some more well-known surveillance cameras are made in varifocal lenses. These varifocal lenses are sometimes referred to as wide-range lenses, and cover a larger range of known central lengths and types of exposure.

In addition, you want a business security camera system that shows you what you need to see. Some security camera lenses can zoom in and out, tilt, and pan to give a better viewing angle. With certain companies, you can even control these settings remotely, or from the video management platform.

  • Available system integrations

Even with research and smart investing, your business video security system might not meet your exact requirements. However, with the best video surveillance systems, it will allow you to integrate different platforms together to meet your business security requirements. Connecting security cameras to access control, alarms, identity providers, and other business software is an example. You can create a more secure building by combining these systems together, so look for business security systems that allow you to connect other software, hardware, and apps.

  • Enough memory for recording storage

For businesses, I suggest buying a video security system that allows for memory expansion. There are many reasons why surveillance systems with expandable memory should be considered. Reason number one is because your company is growing and there might be a need for more coverage in the future which might be above what the camera’s original memory size can handle.

Do you need 24/7 video surveillance? If so, the video surveillance system will be always on, recording any activity around and within your business. This implies that it will be storing information to its memory and therefore the need for larger memory size.


It is truly amazing to have a proper record of what happened, especially when you need it for an audit or to achieve compliance. The key is to buy a business video security system with the ability to store that information to your specifications. But it cannot be the case if you have a system with less memory capacity. It will constantly require deleting older data for it to continue working. What if there is a need to reference old data that has already been deleted?

Cloud video storage helps with this, because there is unlimited storage space for data in cloud servers. Many video surveillance management system providers offer different retention options for video storage. You can also purchase recording hardware for on-site systems to store your own video footage on your premises.


These three top features are ones that you should look for in a good business video security system. A reliable video security system has many benefits to your business. Apart from just security, you can use the video security system to check customer interactions to ensure positive customer service. Make sure that your video security features also help meet your physical security requirements when you are considering purchasing a business video camera system.

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