Digitization: What virtual telephony brings to your company


virtual telephone system is an essential step in the digitization of the commercial or Customer Service department of a company. Do you want to know how a virtual switchboard can help you to achieve a more productive, efficient and faster team?

What is a virtual switchboard and what does it contribute to the digitization of your company?

A  virtual switchboard  is an IP telephony system (also called VoIP or voice over IP platform) that manages calls made over the Internet, in which traditional telephone lines are not used. 

This technology works by digitizing the voice into compressed data packets that are sent via IP protocol to the receiver, decompressing once they reach it so that it can listen to the original audio signal.

IP telephony allows phone-to-phone, computer-to-phone and computer-to-computer communications, making it possible that lines do not have to be chained to specific locations as with traditional telephony. 

For this reason, the use of virtual switchboards of the VoIP system opens a wide range of possibilities to companies, being a very important milestone in their digitization process , since without going any further it allows employees to telework from any location , communicating with customers in the same way as if they were at the company headquarters.  

Differences between virtual telephony and traditional telephone

The virtual telephony IP depends on a network structure , not physical lines, which means that there is no limit to the number of conversations that can keep time from a single phone number . In addition, this also opens the door to such interesting opportunities as having a network of offices, delegations or stores interconnected through the same telephone number.   

Likewise, digital telephony, unlike the traditional telephone system, allows automation from the management of contacts to the dialing itself , which apart from eliminating errors helps a lot when collecting or managing customer information . For this reason, IP telephony systems tend to be integrated with CRMs, as we will explain in detail later.  

Another important advantage of virtual switchboards is that they transfer the call directly or queue it until there is an interlocutor available, avoiding the typical exasperating waits with background music.

Likewise, they also greatly streamline business-to-business calls, by making immediate communication with a specific person or department possible without going through the operator as is the case with the physical switchboard.

In addition, virtual switchboard systems with IP technology offer other functionalities that are currently very important for companies, such as the possibility of multiconferencing , listening live or recording calls.

To all this are added the economic advantages of IP telephony , which depends on the Internet connection and not on telephone lines, being able to choose the most convenient VoIP operator at all times, since it has the additional advantage that it is a technology of very simple installation and configuration.

What other advantages do virtual PBX systems offer companies?

Apart from what has already been mentioned, these systems facilitate the registration of contacts and calls , or access to statistics that can offer very valuable information. While having both mobile and desktop version also gains in comfort and versatility . Not to mention everything that integration with the rest of the company’s tools entails .

In this way, the virtual switchboard makes an essential contribution to the digital transformation of companies, enabling them to benefit from more efficient communication at all levels, and allowing them to centralize all the information with which they work, with what this implies to help with any phase of the sales process and to improve team coordination .

Advantages of a virtual switchboard for your sales or customer service team

The virtual switchboard offers many operational advantages to businesses, but it is also a resource that sales or customer service teams can take advantage of . Thus, the use of VoIP systems favors:

  • Simplification of workflows
  • Better synchronization between sales agents or Customer Service personnel.
  • Opportunity to have more information in the databases

Virtual PBX IP telephony increases the ability to prospect and create new business opportunities , making it easier to contact leads or target customers. Likewise, these systems help move potential customers from one stage of the sales funnel to another , sliding them through the different phases of acquisition-conversion-sale-loyalty.

Likewise, they also make it possible to improve the support and attention provided to customers, by being able to manage requests more quickly and efficiently.

How to boost your sales performance using virtual telephony?

Virtual telephone systems offer the opportunity to maximize and optimize customer contact channels , or to improve telephone prospecting based on the availability of more abundant and up-to-date information. At the same time, they also facilitate the use of very efficient resources such as, for example, sending personalized messages .

Therefore, it is an element that offers very valuable advantages that serve to improve the performance of sales teams and consequently increase the volume of business of companies.

Integration of virtual telephony with your CRM

IP telephony systems can be seamlessly integrated with CRMs , such as HubSpot, synchronizing call information with that of this tool to have all the data , labels or notes regarding a customer in one place.

If you are interested in implementing a virtual switchboard system in your company in Posizionate we can integrate Aircall VoIP telephony with your CRM , providing the best voice technology on the market and a tool that offers many potentialities and qualities such as an interface of intuitive user. 

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