How To Protect Your Online Business From Cyber Attacks

How To Protect Your Online Business From Cyber Attacks

Do you know how to protect your online business from cyber attacks? Well, if you don’t then it’s about time you did. There are many different types of cyber attacks that can be aimed at your business and here is some information on each one.

Spam is one type of cyber attack that is aimed at sending large numbers of unsolicited emails to target audiences. These emails are usually designed to advertise products or services but can also be used for other purposes including spamming other users of the internet. This type of attack can lead to poor search engine rankings, loss of customers and even the interruption of business.

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An email phishing attack can also be used to send out emails that are created to look like they are coming from a reputable source. If you are reading this article then you probably know the warning signs to look for. An email that looks legitimate may not be and should always be assumed as a scam. So, if you ever get an email like this, don’t click on any links or open any attachments and report it immediately to the proper authorities.

Online banking fraud is another popular attack and in some cases these attacks can be deadly. Hackers use phishing techniques to get login information for your account and then use this information to transfer funds to their own accounts. Criminals have even used these attacks to take out their revenge against previous customers. Anytime you are denied access to your own bank account, you should contact your bank immediately and follow the instructions provided.

Email spoofing refers to using fake email to try and open up accounts in the name of someone else. It’s quite easy to accomplish and involves nothing more than opening up a fake email account on popular websites like Facebook and Yahoo. Once the spoofed email is opened, the hacker gets to access your account. This can be especially worrisome if you use your online email account to communicate with important clients. Spoofing can be combined with phishing to create a dangerous combination.

Another method of how to protect your online business from cyber attacks is making sure that you block IMs from being sent to you. Many people use instant messaging to communicate with family and friends. The problem is, not everyone uses good judgment when it comes to sharing personal information like credit card numbers. Most of the time, online business owners choose their friends wisely and only give out sensitive information like phone numbers or addresses. Even when you are careful, the Internet is always changing and criminals have always known this. You can still get a lot of bad press from a bad press and if a cyber attack happens to one of your accounts, you could be completely blind until the damage is done.

As mentioned earlier, the most popular method how to protect your online business from cyber attacks is to protect your email accounts. Hackers will search for ways to get at your email and if they manage to get into your account, they will probably get at your personal information as well. The easiest way to protect your email is not to use an online email service provider. There are free email services available, but they are limited to being used just within a company’s network. Also, when signing up for any new accounts, make sure that the email provider offers some kind of anti-spam feature.

One of the simplest methods on how to protect your online business from cyber attacks is to change your password regularly. Not securing the password can result in the account being hacked. Also, do not use your birthday or anything personal. Passwords are hard to remember but are usually very simple. If you have a website, you can ask a friend who has a website to test your password. If you can’t find a friend, consider asking someone at your local gym, coffee shop, or library to test your password if they know anyone who uses an online service.

Other ways to prevent cyber attacks or to take extra precautions are installing antivirus software, getting a firewall and using a Top rated VPN.

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