How to achieve the ideal profile on Social Networks?

Social Networks

Your profile on social networks reflects a professional, friendly and competent image. There are many who tell me that it is only their personal image, but on the Internet, every public profile is your professional profile.

One of the best ways to get more subscribers on social media is by making sure your bio is a space that quickly and effectively attracts your ideal audience. Consider this space as your virtual business card.

Create or update your profile

3 steps to make a good first impression on social media

  1. The first thing you should do is choose a username , I recommend that you choose the same one on all platforms, not only to give uniformity to your online presence, but also to make it easier to share it, help them find you and help you remember.
  2. Next, you must choose your profile photo , it must be clear and of good quality. It is said that an image is worth a thousand words, keep that in mind when choosing yours as it will accompany and validate the narrative that you are professional, friendly and competent. If you have a popular name, the image helps people know that you are communicating with the desired person or company. Like the username, I recommend that you choose the same image for all platforms, especially when you are starting to make it easier to identify yourself.
  3. The text of the biography is very important because despite being a small space it has a great impact on the decision to follow you. Work smart and spend time strategically drafting this space.

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