The Importance of Call Tracking in Your Business

Call Tracking

When making decisions for your business, data is one of the most important factors. It helps you keep track of where your company’s been and where it’s going, but it can also provide vital clues to opportunities you might be missing. It’s vital to know your key sources of data and how best to access them.

While tracking your marketing analytics, one of the best but usually ignored data sets can be gotten from call tracking. Your business calls can provide information on customer behavior and satisfaction. Google Adwords recently made it easier to track your business call and break them down based on metrics, so here are four ways your business can take advantage of this new opportunity.

Access Vital Data

Call tracking not only lets you look back at key details from your business calls, but it provides your business with data that might get completely lost in the shuffle otherwise. Some of these important details include the caller ID, their geographical location, what device they use, how much time they spent on the call, and their call history.

The advantage of using call tracking for this purpose is that it lets you tailor your services to your customers’ needs. If a common complaint keeps showing up in calls, it may be a wake-up-call that something your business is doing isn’t working. If a product is being ordered repeatedly, it can be an early clue that it’s time to up your orders for the supplies. And if a customer is a frequent flier on refund requests, it may be time to change tactics the next time they call.

Improve Lead Generation and Conversion

One of the most essential parts of working with call tracking is finding out not just how calls end but also how they begin. Your company likely has a multi-faceted marketing campaign and is driving sales from all corners—newsletters, social media marketing, and Google ads, among other options. Determining how the caller learned about the product or service is key to deciding which approach worked best.

Without call tracking, that vital information can be entirely lost. Call tracking analytics automatically displays user statistics, meaning that even if you have a high volume of calls, you’ll be able to look back at that information at a later date and discover which advertising campaigns are delivering the best results. And if one source never seems to show up, it may be time to either retool or cut bait on that part of the campaign.

Analyze Call Quality

Your call analytics can give you vital clues on how your marketing is doing, but it can also help you discover the efficiency and quality of your customer service. No one likes to wait on the phone, so if your company has many frustrated people talking about being put on hold, it may be time to invest in a more efficient phone system.

If your business is struggling, call analytics can provide a vital clue to the weak link. One unhappy customer leaving a negative review can have more impact than ten positive reviews, so it’s essential to make sure everyone walks away from a phone call with a positive experience. Call analytics can make it easier to analyze your call quality and determine if anyone in your team needs to be re-trained in customer service.

Generate In-Depth Reports

The most significant part of call tracking analytics is the ability to get in-depth reports connecting all the different parts of your company’s call performance. It can be challenging to get the information in the right hands and make sure everyone sees the points for improvement, so the reports can be automatically sent out to the team as they come in. Business intelligence tools like the RingCentral analytics portal provide vital insights to help your company become a tighter unit, all under one convenient unified portal that you can customize to your needs.

A Hidden Opportunity

How many vital pieces of information have been lost in your company’s phone call? Collect critical business insights for success with call tracking software. The time is right to boost your company’s performance with call tracking and analysis software, and a good start might be reviewing if RingCentral analytics portal works for you.

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