Mobile Application and its Global Impact on Society

Mobile Application

Really think about what you did first thing in morning after you woke up. Yeah! You checked your phone. And probably everyone else did the same.

This is how deeply we are impacted by mobile and its applications. We are continuously checking our mobile phones for social media updates. It is not just about social media anymore. Mobile applications have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. From hailing a cab to making meal arrangements and from banking to investing in stocks, there is no vertical of existence that doesn’t have a mobile application for it. Needless to say, ongoing pandemic has onset launch of many more mobile apps. Indian app developers are unsung heroes; those have been working around the clock to help businesses set up their mobile applications as everything has shifted “remotely”.

During this time when we are observing social distancing, mobile applications have brought society together. One of the greatest feats achieved by mobile application development, India is “ArogyaSetu” app. In a very short time frame best mobile app developers engineered this app to provide first-hand information to masses while simultaneously keeping tally of the situation.

Thus mobile apps have rescued us while promising a connected and convenient living. With this growing acceptance of apps today, every business owner wants to launch their own mobile application as it brings more revenue to businesses. The competitive market demands upgradation of the apps and the new improved features so as to give the best advantage to the end user.

Need of a mobile app for your business:

  • Convenience in service
  • Round the clock availability on-demand
  • Wider customer reach
  • Effective product marketing practices
  • Push notifications and loyalty points
  • User based customizing

Interactivity and availability convenience offered by mobile apps, gives the users a feeling of control and belonging with the world around them.

Mobile app development in India has seen ground-breaking advancement in recent times. After hybrid app development and GPS integration, there are few new technologies that Indian mobile app developers need to look out for:

  • Augmented and Virtual reality
  • Applications with integrated beacon technology
  • Accelerated mobile pages
  • Cloud integration
  • Block chain for crypto currency and smart contacts
  • Folding display

Business world is already transitioning from e-commerce to m-commerce. With rising prevalence of wearable and predictive analysis, we can only feel tinge of excitement about what future holds for us in the field of mobile application development in India.

Best mobile app developers always use the best of features in forefront to drive up the revenue. Mobile applications impact so gigantically because of ease-of-use and engaging experience. Few other features of mobile apps that added to their popularity are:

  • Quick and easy Feedback channel

Customer feedback is of utmost importance in business dealings. Mobile apps provide suggestive and quicker way for the consumers to speak their minds. Lesser the effort required on the customer end, more feedbacks you can expect. Indian mobile app developers rely on star based rating system or choose from multiple options to get that valuable feedback. No one likes to fill out those lengthy forms or write 100 words just for a review. This form of enhanced communication and exchange between business owner and customer is possible only through mobile apps. 

  • Share Button

Share button generates a lot of organic traffic and advertise your content across various social platforms. If someone likes your product, they will not hesitate to share it among their peers if all it requires is one single click. Lengthy sharing methods via emails, copy paste and manually recreating copy are long gone. Best mobile app developers are smart enough to integrating your app with simple share button which will take your content to multiple social channels simultaneously.

  • Analytics

Analytics is no more just forte of mobile application development companies. This feature comes inbuilt in almost all of the devices to keep track of the necessary stats of your app like traffic, average time spent, number of clicks, demographic of the visitors, etc. Based on the easily available report by these analyses, mobile app developers can upgrade their services accordingly. Analytics act as offline feedback route too as they help determine the features that attracted customers and the ones which did not yield any results.

  • Search and filters

Big enterprises having long list of products in different categories and wide range of services must make use of filter and search option. Best mobile app developers as carefully curate the filter categories as they engineer an app. Sorting and searching seems like such a minor feature but if you think about it, app giants like Amazon, Gaana, Big Basket would not function at all without them.

  • Performance

Average user just waits around for 10 seconds for content to load. So the app developers build robust applications which can load without delay even in poor signals. This sort of far sightedness has brought the revolution that we see in mobile application development field. 

  • Security

Our mobile devices carry all our sensitive information from our biometric data to bank details to medical history and what not. So we trust our mobile app developers to deliver their best and build secure apps that can ward off malicious data breech attempts. Mobile application development in India has started to incorporated double security checks during monetary transactions.

Some major impacts of mobile applications that we have observed are:

  • Significant  leap in small-business on-demand mobile apps
  • GPS has profited location-based services (LBS) 
  • Augmented reality (AR) combined with medical field to give innovative solutions
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in utility apps has taken marketing to new level
  • Internet-of-Things apps connect the world
  • Mobile apps generated billions in revenue and is still growing

Picture is not all rosy. Day after day we hear about security breach on individual level and even for big corporations. In 2017, Equifax, lost personal details of its 145 million customers due to venerability in application fabrication. World also dealt with many addictive and dangerous games which took away lives of some of their users. Fraudsters and malicious elements are continuously on prowl looking for slightest breach to gain access to sensitive data. All we can say is that, mobile application development companies need to keep their security measures upto date and be ever vigilant.

Clearly, mobile application development in India is now paramount all through the industry. To gain a leading edge over your competitors and have a bigger share in the market, every business owner wants their own app. It is only the best mobile app developers that can fabricate a responsive, engaging, meaningful and seamlessly beautiful mobile app. 

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