RAID data recovery and tools used to recover it

RAID data means a Redundant Array of Independent Disks. To know the meaning of RAID data in simple terms can be placed in this way, “the storage of your same data in various forms of storage is RAID data.” Now, this data is important for the user or the owner. The motive of storing it in various places, i.e. hard disks, pen drives, RAM etc., is to keep it saved and secured. Which firmly assures that the data is very much dominant for them.

The least idea of it getting lost makes the owner move into panic and anxiety. It has happened and keeps happening that although saved at different platforms, the RAID data is lost. This can make a huge impact on that data holder; it holds the ability to make any procedure pause or any work in alignment scatter in a mess. One should avoid it by properly saving it, but what if it is already lost? Even if it is lost completely, it can be recovered; the term for it is RAID data recoveryIt deals with recovering your lost RAID and its data.

RAID data recovery can be done with the help of cyber technicians, software programmers or special RAID data recovery technicians. Once erased from everywhere, RAID data recovery is not easily possible; it may take up some time, effort and technicalities to bring it back, but it is not completely impossible.

Although it comes after some time, RAID data recovery does occur.

Tool used for RAID data recovery:

The special software which can make it less complicated is “Stellar Data Recovery Technician.” This is an impressive software build, especially for RAID data recovery. The software helps the data holder gain their lost RAID data back and lets them access all of their chief materials. Not always is RAID data lost due to any man-made or technical glitch; many times, it occurs due to a computerized virus or bug. In these cases, one turns down their hope for RAID data recovery, but it is possible through Stellar Data Recovery Technician.

Stellar Data Recovery Technician


 Stellar Data Recovery Technician makes RAID data recovery available from any corrupted defect due to a virus or bug, even failed or crashed devices. Some hardware or software have completely turned inaccessible, but this software extracts RAID data from there also.

The most relevant and useful thing about the software is that it recovers RAID data from NAS devices composed of RAID 0(zero), five and RAID six. Its attractive characteristic is that it can rebuild or recover data without the data holder mentioning any detail like its storage, file name, size, type, location details etc.

One more amusing thing about Stellar Data Recovery Technician software describes how it can rebuild the RAID data even if the windows system breaks in between while rebooting. The software develops its booting system.


The RAID data recovery and its basic methodology are already mentioned above, along with stating the software which technically can turn on the procedure. The basics included the features and working details of Stellar Data Recovery Technician software. One would surely want to know how it works and what steps need to be carried out to make it work. There is obviously a designed and aligned way the procedure needs to be practised.

The procedure is mentioned below:-

Step 1: Select the type of data you wish to recover and click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 2- A panel will appear to you where various options will be provided. 

Step 3- The next panel will display various options. To recover the data, one should click on the “RAID Recovery” option to retrieve data from the RAID array.

Step 4- Choose your hard drives, which are displayed in the RAID array, with the help of the arrows provided to you for establishing your desired data.

Step 5 – After you do as directed earlier, the recoverable files will be displayed to you from the entire RAID data. 

Step 6 –  After the scan, the recovered files are listed in the left ‘Tree View’ pane. Click ‘Deleted List’ tab to view files you accidentally deleted.

stellar technician


After doing what is said, one can be at little ease and assured of getting their RAID data back.

The software processes RAID data recovery in an as simple and user-friendly way as it can. The reviews about the software state that it has been helpful and proved to be a needful software during the difficult times of RAID data loss. In short, it satisfies the user’s need for RAID data recovery in the least complicated and most feasible way.

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