4 Useful Tips For Travelling With Your Watch 


If you intend on attending an occasion outside your state, you’ll need to pack your outfit together with your personal belongings and accessories, which might include a watch. While you can easily pile up other of your personal items in your traveling bag, a wristwatch might need extra packaging effort. Especially if you’ll be traveling with more than one expensive luxury wristwatch that is valuable to you. 

If you know how to take care of a watch, it will last much longer and you wouldn’t have to waste money on repairs. Luxury travel watches like the Rolex Sky Dweller price are on the high side, repairing them would cost you a lot too. 

There are some basic things that you should know if you want to take the best care of your watch, and these things will help to keep it running nicely for years to come. That includes being cautious when you have to travel with it, so here are some tips that would guide you. 

With most airlines these days, you can’t put your watch in the cabin with you because of all the security measures that are being put in place. It’s much more convenient to take the watch along in your suitcase. One point you should keep in mind is never to keep your watch on your main luggage. With the way airport officials mishandle luggage in some airports, your wristwatch is at risk of getting damaged. Let’s not forget that these timepieces are extremely valuable and some unscrupulous employees might tamper with them. Time 

Watches are made with glass, which is a delicate material. If your luggage is mishandled, a crack or breakage might occur. Let’s not forget that luggage gets misplaced all the time, you wouldn’t want to risk that with watches that are worth hundreds of thousands. Watch straps break when they are being pulled and twisted, not to mention the body of the watch can get scratched and damaged.

  • Pack Your Watch In Leather Cases

If you are traveling with a wristwatch, why not pack it in a leather case? Leather cases are lightweight and flexible, and they keep your watch from getting scratched. And you can also buy leather cases that are designed specifically for traveling with a wristwatch. These cases are usually sold by watch vendors. 

While your wristwatch is packed in a leather case, you can safely fit it into your hand luggage. Leathers protect your watch from liquids that might mistakenly spill on its surface. 

No matter what kind of watch you are traveling with, keeping it protected is important so that you don’t end up losing a valuable timepiece that could have been saved if it was stored properly.

  • Travel With Watches That Have GPS Trackers

With the advancement in technology, many smartwatches are embedded with GPS trackers that can be connected to your cell phone. These watches can track your fitness statistics, like how many calories you burn and your heart rate. They can also be used to locate an individual.

If you own a smartwatch, it might be a good idea to carry it along while traveling. A GPS unit is also a good idea for traveling. The GPS can tell you where you are and how long you have been there. If you plan on playing tourist, it can also help you find your way back home if you get lost. Another advantage a GPS watch has is that it can be tracked if stolen, In case you would spend time in cities that aren’t too safe. 

Remember that even if you have these items with you, don’t forget your cell phone. Most of these smartwatches like the Apple Watch are synced with your phone. Cell phones are another important item to have with you whether you plan to walk or ride a bike, you never know when you might lose your watch so it’s best to be prepared.

  • Pack Your Watch In a Pouch 

Pouches are small, lightweight, and convenient to carry. If you pack light, carrying a box might be inconvenient, in this case, a simple pouch would do. To store wristwatches, one can pack them in a watch-carrying pouch. A watch-carrying pouch is often made of strong, durable material. However, this might not be the best option if you’re traveling with more than one watch, since pouches are small and can only contain one timepiece. 


While traveling can expose your delicate watches to damage, it is possible to move from one point to another while safely carrying your watch along. Another point is to avoid carrying too many watches than you’ll need, the higher the number of watches, the more measures you have to take in protecting it. Also, be mindful of the hotel or lodge you’ll be staying in to avoid theft.

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