Why car GPS tracker is a must-buy gadget for your vehicle?

GPS tracker

As we all know, buying a car is not an easy thing at all, you have to work day and night for several years to earn that much money. How would you feel when you lose your vehicle in theft only a few days after purchase? Sad and devastated, right. Today we will talk about a telematics startup and how GPS technology can help you in other things than tracking. We are not new to different technologies and gadgets. Today in the market, there is a gadget for almost everything; a GPS tracking device is one.

Today there are several companies in marketing that provide GPS tracking services. Onelap Telematics is in the market for more than 4 years now and has established itself as a best-selling online product in the category. Other than India, it has a presence in Qatar, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe as well. Onelap’s vision from the beginning is to secure personal vehicles like bike and cars with the help of a vehicle tracking system. Many small fleet-based businesses have also taken the services of Onelap and are satisfied with the services. One of the customers, named Akash Rawat, who is running a food supplying business, said,

“Onelap has helped me a lot, before using there services I used to be very worried about the riding time of my employees, always wondered about the idle time. After using this GPS tracking system I can monitor every single movement of my employees and I have caught some of them red-handed for spending idle time.”

Let’s get back to the topic of car security on which we started the article.

Why is a GPS tracker necessary?

Here are the five advantages of a GPS tracker for car:

1. Anti-Theft:

We have talked about theft in the beginning, and here’s the solution. Suppose you have gone on a vacation with your family and parked your vehicle in the parking of the hotel you have stayed. Every hotel has a security guard around the parking, but as we know that vehicles still get stolen but if you have a car GPS tracker installed in your vehicle, you will get an instant anti-theft alarm on your mobile application.

2. Over-Speed:

Recent stats suggest that many road accidents and road rage happens due to the over-speeding of vehicles. Unfortunately, most of the over-speeding vehicles are driven by teenagers, which isn’t a good thing for them and their parents who live in fear of losing them in an accident. Onelap car tracker can calm your fear by providing a timely over-speed alert. That means you can set a speed limit of your convenience; as the vehicle exceeds that speed limit, you will be notified instantly.

3. Safe-Zone:

There is a function called Geofence in the vehicle tracker, which lets you mark a particular area like home, office, etc. Suppose your driver drops your kids to school and picks them up regularly, the driver is working for you, but as a parent, you can be suspicious about it as its related to your kid’s security. With the help of Geofencing, you can create a safe zone around your children’s school. After creating a safe zone, you will get instant alerts on your mobile about the entry and exit of your car in that area.

4. Past Data Storage:

Onelap car GPS provides you data storage for up to 90 days that means you can see all the data of any of the previous three months. Other GPS tracking service providers also provide past data but not for this long. Past data comes in handy when you forget about the journey of a particular day. It is useful for fleet owners as well if they’re suspecting their driver for a particular day. Through this function, they can see the whole journey of that day.

5. Engine On/Off:

Through this feature, you can control your vehicle’s engine through the mobile application. It is an advanced version of anti-theft that means anti-theft alerts you about the suspicious activity happening with your vehicle, but it doesn’t stop the thief from stealing. With the help of an engine lock, you can turn on or off your engine with your mobile whenever you want to, and if a thief has stolen your car and driving your vehicle will stop immediately if you turn off the engine.


A recent trend suggests that despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sales of vehicles have gone, and so does the use of telematics devices. The telematics industry has got a huge boost due to COVID and Govt. decision to make India free from toll booth in two years. Apart from all this, a negative impact is that theft and other crimes have also grown up as everyone is busy tackling the COVID crisis. Hence, GPS for car is necessary for your vehicle.


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