How to find time to do everything?

find time to do everything

Those who know me know very well that I am the least complicated person when organizing meetings, interviews, webinars, etc. I have always stated that we have time for everything if we really want to do it.

I see many people who spend their time expressing how busy they are and live doing things in a fast way, but can you imagine spending the rest of your life at that rate? It’s scary, right?

Most of us entrepreneurs start dreaming of having a better life. More freedom, more fun, more time to enjoy life…. But the truth is that suddenly we are living a totally different reality.

Since 2010 I have managed several companies, I do not pretend to say that I know everything, but thanks to the organization and planning I not only manage to have things under control, but to constantly prosper even in difficult times.

The first thing you have to understand is that one does not “find time” to do things, one “does a long time” being clear about what is important and giving priority to things.

3 tips to save you time  

Proactivity: I imagine that you have seen many times that phrase of “being proactive instead of reactive”, well it is time to apply that in your life.

The problem with lack of time is living in reactive mode. You turn on the computer and you do what is presented, then you realize that you have not published on social networks and you have a good time thinking about what you are going to write, but a WhatsApp message arrives then you leave what you do to respond Immediately. To this is added that someone just uploaded a photo on Instagram and you stare at the publications, or if you work at home, it is time for snack and you have to feed your child. And when you realize the day is over and everything is half done.

The solution is a good routine that allows you to set expectations about your availability by aligning your workflow with your energy level. Creating a routine requires persistence and consistency. Get organized, work with an agenda, set goals, schedules and learn to meet them.

Analysis: If you work doing what appears without having organized, it is possible that at the end of the day you wonder where the time went. This is because doing multiple urgent but unimportant tasks consumed your productive time. You were constantly busy, but you were not really making progress on your goals.

You have to be aware of how you use your time. Analyze your day at the end of the day to clearly know where your time went so you can eliminate activities that do not contribute to your goal and focus on what is important. If you use a timesheet or an agenda you will have clarity about your time management. For this to work you have to be honest and not call work spending time looking at other people’s posts, prospecting reading your messages on WhatsApp, or research browsing websites.

There are people who tell me that they don’t have time for anything, but they watch a season of a series in less than a week or they know all the gossip on Instagram or they say how they spent hours watching funny tiktok. Clearly identify your moments when you are most efficient or productive and make the most of them without distraction.

Priority: Working in a structured way is what leads to growth because we focus on what guides us towards our goal. Identify what’s important and prioritize it by focusing on the task until it’s done. Many underestimate what they can accomplish in a short period of time when working without distraction and focused on one task at a time.

Discipline and organization are not easy at first, it is quite a challenge until you get used to it. Divide your day into small tasks and never abandon a task halfway. If you are going to spend 20 minutes writing an article, put your device in airplane mode to avoid distractions and do not leave it halfway, if you do it you may change everything and have to start again because you have already lost focus. Always work giving your maximum in each project and suddenly you will find that your productivity and efficiency increase.

You can have time for everything, but you have to learn to prioritize each task wisely.

There is nothing wrong with taking a long time to reply to a message on WhatsApp or to an email. That others do not anticipate and send you things at the last minute is not your fault and you are not forced to abandon your priorities to attend to unimportant urgent tasks.

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