How to make meetings more efficient


It is common for workplaces to arrange meetings that are either too structured or too spontaneous. Both kinds of meetings result in an outcome that could be made more efficient. Meetings consume time, often more than necessary. Time which could be used on other things to improve the business.

To make a workplace and employees more productive, meetings must thus be more efficient. Below we give a couple of tips on how to achieve more efficient and concrete meetings that results in more time for other important components, as well as better results.

Before we start reciting all the actions that needs to be taken into consideration to make meetings more efficient; let us have a look at why meetings are so important.

We live in a knowledge-based economy, whereas meetings are an absolute prerequisite for success within a business. Meetings are held for challenging problem solvation and improving creativity and innovation in workplaces. During meetings, employees and bosses are able to conversate, create relationships and exchange ideas – which is absolutely crucial for a stable and healthy workplace.

Meetings are organized so that employees can stay focused and continuously learn more. They may be held for employees within a gambling company to learn more about casino payment methods, or within a digital web bureau to know what information that needs to be mediated to target the partnering company’s customers.

Define the purpose of the meeting

One of the most important preparations for an effective meeting is to define the purpose of the meeting. What is it the company wants to achieve with the meeting? Is the purpose to inform employees about something, enforce or perhaps make a decision? By planning the purpose of the meeting in advance, it will be much easier to succeed the meeting with desirable results and thereby boost productivity in the workplace.

Start and end the meeting at set times

A bad meeting is characterized by an agenda without a predetermined start and/or end. If a company wants to arrange an effective meeting, it is necessary to set a time schedule in which the meeting will be held. By doing this, you make sure that you have enough time to discuss everything that needs to be discussed.

Limit the number of attendees

Having too many participants – or participants who have nothing to contribute with – is a waste of time, energy and money. Therefore, make sure you limit the number of attendees during the meeting to only those necessary. Others might instead receive a digital copy of the meeting afterwards if needed. But of course – some meetings need to include everyone.

Remember to always summarize and conclude

When the meeting comes to its end it is important to summarize tasks and decisions. By doing so, you make sure that you have included everything that has been listed in the agenda. When it is time for a summary, it is important to let the ones attending the meeting ask questions. Questions that you have enough time answering. Remember the importance of kindness here; and that no questions are stupid – rather all questions can help the business get one step closer to success.

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