How to start a successful YouTube channel

YouTube channel

What are the essential steps to start a successful YouTube channel? I share some details that you have to take into account when creating a channel and sharing content.

Essential steps to start a YouTube channel:

  • Define what you want to achieve: Your goal defines everything you do on YouTube
  • Subscribers vs Goals: If prospects or sales are the goal, these metrics are more important than subscriptions and views. If your goal is to get followers, you have to monitor views and subscriptions.
  • Content aimed at your target audience: You have to create content in which your niche is interested.
  • Visual brand: You have to help people identify your content easily thanks to a defined brand. This way you can create good visual authority.
  • Channel optimization: Organize it wisely so it’s easy to find content.

Why is it important to define your niche?

You have to be clear about the following:

  • What they look at
  • What they don’t see
  • How much time do they spend looking at content
  • The “I like” and “I don’t like”
  • Feedback
  • How often do they watch your channel
  • Videos on related topics

The more you know your audience, the greater the chances of growth because you can create content aimed at their needs.

Steps to optimize your channel:

  • Create a channel image that reflects the personality of your brand.
  • Customize the channel layout with playlists.
  • Add a short video for both new and returning visitors.
  • List the channels you promote.
  • Fill in all the text strategically on your page.
  • Add goals based on channel links.

Do not make complicated designs, make sure that when one visits your channel, they have a clear idea of ​​what they will find and that the design is easy to identify and recognize. It is important that everything you share is optimized for mobile.


  • Your content has to be of good quality, try to make it the most useful and interesting for your target audience.
  • People may be viewing your content for the first time, it is important that you include a short introduction in each video.
  • By organizing your content by topic, you can easily create playlists and make the person spend more time looking at content.
  • Use your mailing list and your other social platforms to promote your YouTube content.
  • Take advantage of the text space you have in each video, to enrich it with information and associated links.

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