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Did you know that you can use Content Marketing to educate your prospects and customers?

The best way to correct misconceptions and assumptions is to do it head-on on your blog. Being a good content creator is also taking the time to help your audience see your solution in a different way by guiding them to the right path.

The key to achieving good results is that you do not do it condescendingly, on the contrary, educate by showing that you want to be useful and enrich your community with content. Many times those mistakes that people make about your product or service are perfectly logical assumptions they have made, so it is your job to guide them.

Companies lose credibility due to wrong assumptions that can damage the reputation of the business. Working to correct these issues is not an overnight solution, it requires strategy and time. Doing so through simplified and empathetic content is one of the most effective ways.

The public appreciates the time you spend on them, so feel free to add this type of information to your editorial calendar.

Next, I share some questions that can guide you in brainstorming ideas that you ask for the topics that you will develop as educational content for your business.

  1. What is the most popular misperception about your job?
  2. What is the common mistake your prospects make when diagnosing the real problem your company solves?
  3. What is a great solution that you give that people have no idea that it is an option?
  4. What is a simple and easy solution to execute something that you can share with your community and that is related to your offering?
  5. What are the worst actions someone can do when trying to fix something you offer?
  6. What’s the worst popular advice people ever give about a specific problem, and what’s the best advice that you would recommend?
  7. What are the steps a company should consider before doing something that you offer for itself?
  8. What are the sales promises that someone who is not professional and serious would make, and that you consider are hoaxes?
  9. What are the myths that confuse your audience that you could clarify?
  10. What are the frequent complaints from your customers, which are due to lack of information?

For your content to be successful remember that you must:

  • Be receptive: Encourage a positive and open line of communication. Put a face on the information and position that person as a leader who evokes transparency and credibility.
  • Be authentic: If you try to clarify information with someone who is faking intentions or using an invented personality, the public will notice and your content will lose credibility.
  • Be Engaged: Communication is only starting when you post the blog post. You can support your initiatives with videos, talks and interactions with your community. Take the time to have a good digital vigil to respond with your community.

There is a lot of information that may seem obvious to you, but it is not for everyone. You have to work on being a good popularizer in your field.

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