Increase the trust of your users with good customer service

good customer service

Gaining the trust of your customers is essential for the success of your company. And this can be achieved with good customer service, which must be articulated through a digital strategy that achieves this purpose. We tell you the keys to achieve it.

Make a good first impression

The first contact that your users will have with your company on many occasions is going to be your website. Therefore, it is very important that the design is attractive, that it offers valuable content for the user and that the information is clear.

Users, whether new or regular, must find the information about your products on your website clearly and as real as possible. This is achieved with valuable information about your company and with the publication of real and detailed photos of your products, or with a detailed description of your services (what is included, what is not, if it is a scalable service …).

Including the company’s history is also a good resource, as it builds rapport and trust.

Easily accessible information

Contact numbers, email addresses or any other form of contact that the user may have with your company must be readily visible. The customer who perceives that communicating with your company is easy will feel more confident when thinking about establishing a business relationship.

Direct contact through chat or chatbot is a good alternative that offers immediate responses to the user, increasing trust in your brand almost instantly, since they will feel personalized attention from the first moment.

This process must continue throughout the entire business relationship with the user: if the purchase is made, they must feel that they are being advised and that the company follows up.

Exploit the presence in the networks

Today, a company that has a large presence in various social networks and a good reputation in this ecosystem has much gained in the trust of users . So a strategy that must be developed is to exploit the presence of your brand on the internet.

This is achieved with measures as simple as having Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts, where you can publicize your products, but you can also show the people who work for your company, thus giving it a more human touch that generates trust in the user. .

Have clear and transparent rules

The client must have clear, complete and transparent information at all times about the type of guarantee or service that your company offers.

Establishing the guarantees that your company offers generates a high degree of trust in the customer, since he will know if, for example, they will give him the money back if the product does not meet his expectations.

These rules must be clear and easy to understand, thus avoiding the subsequent generation of some kind of frustration or misunderstanding that could lead to a negative opinion.

Maintain communication with the client

The relationship of the company with the client should not end when the sale is completed, but must be maintained in various ways (ensuring that it is not too intrusive communication).

For this it is very important to have a database of customers and users. Only in this way will it be possible to offer an attention that the user feels as personalized.

A CRM or (Customer Management Relationship or Customer Relationship Manager) such as HubSpot will help you throughout the process, since it can collect in one place all customer-company interactions (including telephone ones) and other information so that the person of attention to the customer has in his knowledge everything you need: purchase history, billing, since when is customer complaints / previous conversations with the company … There are also many reliable outbound call center companies that will be happy to help you each step of the way.

Offer a secure site

People have to feel that they are establishing a relationship with a trustworthy company. Security seals help users to identify secure companies, and are especially relevant in the case of e-commerce.

Establishing clear and secure forms of payment also generates security and confidence in the client.

The sending of automatic emails once the purchase is made for the confirmation of the same, the confirmation of shipment of the product or the sending of tracking codes allow customers to reaffirm that the site is safe and that they have made a correct decision to buys. In addition, this solves many doubts and uncertainties, thus avoiding the saturation of the Customer Service

Have empathy with the customer

Understanding the customer, knowing what they like, what they want and, to some extent, what they feel will create an empathy with the user and increase their trust.

This strategy is achieved with personalized attention and drawing an empathy map to put it into practice with clients. Go ahead and put these tips into action!

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