3 keys to understanding how algorithms work in social networks

Social media algorithms

Do you know what an algorithm is in social networks? how do they work? Are they the same for all social networks, or are they different for each social network?

First of all, the algorithms in social networks dominate what we see , what we do, what we are in social networks. At the end of the day, our interaction is linked to how the algorithms work in these social networks. And on it we adapt our strategy in social networks.

Also the algorithms change continuously , they are not fixed, and you have to be attentive to the news that occurs from time to time.

So, how Consultant Social Media or community manage r , you have to know how algorithms work, and make brands give the best possible performance with content and social media actions.

Therefore, in this post, I want to share 3 common keys in algorithms in social networks , what they are, and how we can adapt our content to the way these algorithms behave in social networks.

How algorithms work in social networks

Facebook algorithm

Especially relevant is that you know that Facebook made its last big algorithm change in 2018, when Mack Zuckerberg himself announced it on Facebook.

Facebook algorithm features today

* Premium interactions between people on Facebook.

* Less space for brands in Facebook news.

Interaction is the key to everything.

* Prima generate conversation between brands and users, and between users.

* Giving love, for example, is better than just liking.

Determine what each user sees according to their interests (determined by their actions on Facebook in history).

* More weight to Facebook Messenger if brand content is shared between users.

* It benefits the pages whose information on the page is more complete.

* If you answer before your followers and potential fans.

Instagram algorithm

Without a doubt, Instagram is the social network that has changed the most and changes its algorithm.

Instagram algorithm today

* On average, between 6% and 8% of your fans see your posts.

If the post is of no interest to the user (based on their interaction with it), it disappears from the feed .

* It takes into account the relevance of the content issuing Instagram account .

* Time you spend on Instagram.

* Interactions generated by that content: the more interaction, more reach, and more engagement on Instagram .

* In addition, it takes into account the stories you publish, and if they are of interest.

* The Instagram algorithm considers how long the user stays on your post.

* How many posts do they save.

* Hashtags you follow and hashtags you interact with.

* Hashtags that you use in your publications (efficiency).

Twitter algorithm

Thus, the Twitter algorithm, like that of any social network, exists, and determines who sees your content.

Twitter algorithm today

* It is based on the relevance of the tweets .

* The news of the tweet .

* The relevance of the issuing account.

Relevance of the account that interacts with it.

* Age of the relationship between the 2 accounts.

* Type of tweets that you have liked in the past, and how you have interacted with them.

* Presence of multimedia content in the tweet.

* Daily use of Twitter and its frequency of use.

Youtube algorithm

So, now we go with the Youtube algorithm:

Youtube algorithm today

* It is based on the interaction of users with each video .

The most important metric is the viewing time , then the number of views.

* Relevance of the channel that broadcasts the video ( number of subscribers ).

* Searches that users do on YouTube.

* Videos published and their frequency.

Common keys to understanding algorithms in social networks

In summary, we can summarize these 4 algorithms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube) under 3 keys to understand how they work :

Key 1 of the algorithm: relevance

Keep in mind that relevance is a key factor in all social networks, in two ways:

The relevance of the content , whether or not it interests users.

The relevance of the issuing account , since a photo or video from an account with few followers is not the same as an account with more followers.

Key 2 of the algorithm: interaction

Without a doubt, interaction is the key to everything. Good content is shared, discussed, saved .

For this reason, I recommend that you go now to your social media profiles and, in statistics, see what content works best for you, and you will see that they are the ones that have generated the most interaction.

Key 3 of the algorithm: people

More keys. We must put more if possible the focus on the user we are addressing, on people. Humanize the brand , not only at the level of content creatives, but also in communication in the texts we write on social networks.

What do you think of these recommendations? Do you use them in your day to day?

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