Tips to grow your community on Social Networks

Social Networks

Having a faithful community on Social Networks can lead you to success, work on building relationships, finding the right audience, communicating with them and identifying influencers.

How do you build a community in which people want to participate?  

  • Determine community growth strategies that align with your business goals
  • Employ best practices when initiating communication with your community
  • Reach out to influencers and brand ambassadors with activities that help grow the community.

By this I mean that you should not focus on the number of followers, but on quality. It is better to have few who participate, than many who are not interested in communicating with your brand.

How to find the right audience?

  • Reach out to your offline community and encourage them to contact you online. These can be clients, people who participated in your events, partners and suppliers.
  • Offer incentives to your current customers to start following you on Twitter. You can run contests or offer discounts.
  • If your community is active on Instagram, encourage them to share photos of your business or products with your hashtag.
  • Include links to your social media presence in your emails, website, and all printed promotional material. It is important that it is easy to get in touch with you.
  • Connect with the influencers of your field helps you reach the good public. Take the time to research them and analyze the conversation in your community. Take the time to build a relationship with them.
  • Creating and participating in offline activities helps you enrich relationships and reach interesting people.
  • Partnering with companies in your business that complement your services helps you reach people who are interested in your business.
  • Find people who are talking about your brand, identify your current customers thanks to mentions, check-ins and searches. It is important that you make contact with them and work on creating a close relationship with them.

How to communicate with them? 

For the relationship to advance and achieve the results you want, it is important that you be present for your followers, that you participate in the conversation and contribute value to the members of your community.

  • You can create conversations about content that you have shared
  • Offer customer service and answer frequently asked questions from your customers
  • Address any negative feelings that may exist.
  • Creating proactive participation in the different platforms

Try to respond quickly. 42% of people expect a response within sixty minutes. It is important that you have a good monitoring method to provide good customer service. Even if you don’t have the answer, be honest and respond by saying it instead of ignoring the person.

When you give good customer service, it helps your prospects become customers, and your customers become brand ambassadors. Success is in reciprocity, the more time you invest in your community, the greater results you will have.

People’s opinions do matter, word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful way to grow your business and attract more people to your community as it builds trust. Pay close attention to the people who talk about your company. Your loyal customers can become your ambassadors and speak with genuine enthusiasm about your brand.

What is an influencer? 

An influencer is someone who is seen as the reference in the field; You can be a blogger, speaker, author or celebrity. They may have a busy schedule, be sure to respect their time, and build a relationship with them before asking them to contribute to your community. You can discover more of these influencers by following them on social media and subscribing to their website. Monitor their social presence to know what their precise interests are, and what is their main social network. For example, if the person is very active on Twitter, that is the best place to interact with them. Share your content, contribute to the conversation, and build a relationship. Once you know the influencer well, they just come into contact. You can invite him to an event, a VIP activity, or offer to test your product.

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