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What content to publish on social networks? If last week we talked about how much to publish on social networks , today we will touch on what are the best content for social networks , another recurring question of digital businesses.

As a social media consultant or social media consultant , part of the work I do with businesses is to define the best content so that your digital project gains visibility, community and attracts potential clients.

So what to post on social media? What content is the most effective for my brand? Can i improve my social media strategy?

We are going to define the best content for social networks. And if you have any questions, ask me what you need.

Content plan for social networks: what content to publish on social networks

Before giving you some advice on the best content for social networks for your business, I would like to tell you that you have to have a prior strategy .

The contents in social networks do not work if you do not define the social media objectives first and follow the other steps of the social media plan , measuring the results to improve the strategy of your social networks.

Thus, make a calendar for social networks where everything I tell you below, has a place. You have it scheduled, to prepare the contents well in advance.

And now we go to the mess 🙂

What content to publish on social networks: examples

Better content for Facebook

Facebook is an old social network (for social networks, I say), and it has a very defined audience.

What content works on Facebook today?

Taking into account the operation of the Facebook algorithm to date, there are contents that tend to work better than others in this social network.

123 tips for posting on Facebook.

Better content for Twitter

Twitter also has its own algorithm. The Twitter algorithm benefits some posts over others, based on certain criteria.

It is a more dynamic and fast social network, where content goes more unnoticed if you do not choose the best time to publish or do not keep an adequate pace.

123 tips for posting on Twitter.

Best content for Instagram

Instagram is a growing and constantly improving social network.

Instagram needs greater creativity and visual harmony in its content than in other social networks.

And it is a great social network to attract potential clients .

Tips and ideas for posting on Instagram.

Best content for Youtube

YouTube is the second search engine in the world, so the potential to position your content here is brutal.

Think about the best keywords for your business , and try to make videos that answer questions that your audience is interested in in relation to them.

123 tips for Youtube.

Better content for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most professional social network, ideal for bringing your business and brand closer to potential clients. Everyone is on LinkedIn to network.

What works on LinkedIn?

It is no longer necessary to publish every day, but the best content for social networks that you have. Humanizing the brand is key, and participating in other similar relevant content, also, of the people and pages you want to attract.

What to post on LinkedIn.

Examples of better content for social networks

1- Content 1: that your team or yourself appear in the publications. Affinity is key to achieving more reach on your social media feed. 

2- Content 2: Bet on native videos, they work better and have very good data.

3- Content 3: Make direct . The social network communicates to followers that you are live, and if you combine it with other people the better. Also, you can post it on your wall if you want at the end of the show.

4- Content 4: upload several photos at a time, instead of betting on just one.

5- Content 5: your workspace appears, geolocate your business. Make it the best decoration for your post on social networks. They work great and bring the brand closer to its audience, giving confidence .

6- Content 6: humanize the texts, link a personal emotional situation to your business. Your texts have to speak like a person who talks to others, and not as a brand that talks to itself.

7- Content 7: publish links to your blog, for example, and promote them regularly to attract potential customers within your target audience.

8- Content 8: take advantage of the potential of your community to ask them to participate, to ask questions, to comment. 

9- Content 9: communicate the changes in your business, and adapt them to the current situation.

10- Content 10: do not cut yourself, Differentiate yourself from others with your way of being and your way of expressing things.

More examples of social media content

11- Content 11: schedule outstanding anniversaries, local, national and international dates related to your business, and create your own social media content about it.

12- Content 12: empathize with real current situations of the heart, and communicate it.

13- Content 13: communicate the news in your business.

14- Content 14: promote online actions that allow you to attract potential customers to your business. 

15- Content 15: sincere emotional marketing.

16- Content 16: anticipate the best content for social networks in each campaign. Prepare the contents in advance.

17- Content 17: a part of the story makes you tell the whole of the brand, its values, its way of feeling and being with its audience.

Conclusion: what content to publish on social networks

With all of the above, to say that the social networks of your business need god things: time and strategy. Know where to go, and what you want to achieve. If you want, we can talk about prices for taking social networksIt all starts in one click🙂

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