The art of conquering the Facebook algorithm

Facebook algorithm

While Facebook is an excellent tool to distribute content, interact with the public and build a community; the problem is that organic reach keeps dropping.

Given the large amount of content that exists, the distribution of content is guided by an algorithm and it is normal that we do not see 100% of the content created by our friends and the pages we follow.

Then what do we do?

After analyzing what works and what does not work, I prepared this little guide that can help you. Of course, I do not pretend that this is science, it is simply what works in my experience with my clients, it is what I learned from content that was very successful and content that did not achieve the desired reach and I share it with you, hoping it will be useful. and can guide you.

What works well on Facebook and what has a positive effect on the algorithm

  1. Interaction : Posts that receive likes, comments and are shared
  2. Speed : The interaction is high and arrives quickly.
  3. Professionalism : Publications of pages that have all your information complete and updated.
  4. Community : People who follow the page follow other quality pages.
  5. Trust : The content you post has never been flagged as hoax or fake news.
  6. Interest : When people stay to watch your videos until the end.
  7. Reactions : The effect that your content has on people determines the emotion that your content gives and is classified according to that.
  8. Stories : The more time people spend looking at your stories, Facebook determines the interest that your community has for your content.

Tips when posting

  1. Quality : Don’t post a lot of content, focus on creating quality instead of quantity.
  2. Opportunity : Post when your fans are online. Look at your statistics to find out.
  3. Relevance : Create exclusive content for Facebook, adapting your publications for each social network is important
  4. Videos : If you are not publishing videos yet, I recommend you start as consumption is growing.
  5. Content curation : Find quality content and share it with your community. You don’t have to create 100% content that you share.  
  6. Opinion : Ask people for comments, by encouraging interaction your community gets involved and is happy that their opinion is taken into account.
  7. Recycling : If something worked great, don’t be afraid to republish it. So that it does not look repetitive, change the format, eg: first you share a link, then an image and finally a video.
  8. Respond : Interaction is very important, and if you don’t take time to respond, people will stop commenting. Invest time in your community.

Creating a strategy for Facebook

Regardless of the type of business you have or if you are a personality who wants to achieve greater reach, it is important that you use Facebook strategically to support your marketing.

As I said at the beginning, this guide without pretense seeks to help you in the initial stage or when you feel a little lost with your presence on Facebook. I know that it is an important network and that many may feel burdened with constant changes or not knowing what to do.

  1. Positioning : What do you want to achieve with your presence? Decide how you want to position your brand, how you want people to see you.
  2. Public : Who do you want to reach? Define who your target audience is and create a profile based on their interests and what you can offer.
  3. Competition : Carry out a competitive analysis to see how you can stand out from the competition by making sure to provide a proposal that is not only different but more enriching for your community.
  4. Conversation : Talk to your audience, find out what they like. If you take the time to chat with them, not only will you build loyalty, but they will also help you understand the direction to take and what they expect from your online presence.
  5. Organization : Allocate the resources you need to achieve your goals. Define how often you want to post content and make sure you have the resources to do so.
  6. Content : Create a publication calendar with guidelines for the content you are going to publish. I say guidelines because it is not good to program everything, it leaves room for spontaneity.
  7. Analysis : Establish the form of work that you will have making sure to check your statistics at least once a week so you know what is working best.
  8. Have fun : It is important that you enjoy yourself and have a good time. Your presence on social media is to share and create a community, that’s positive and it should feel like that.

Do not hesitate to write to me if you have questions or if you want to make suggestions for topics that you would like to read on my blog.

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