What is a Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategist

At the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, after more than 20 years since the first social network in the world emerged, the one that would be the prelude to Facebook, we see how a whole professional environment has been created around social networks. As a result of its boom, new professional profiles have emerged focused on marketing for companies , always in the digital environment.

Thanks to them we have been able to dedicate ourselves to our passion! We have been truly privileged to be able to experience first-hand a revolution as great as the printing press was in its day. Something to tell our grandchildren …

One of the professions that has emerged as a result of the emergence of social networks has been the figure of the Social Media Strategist , in this post, we focus on clarifying everything about this professional profile. 

First of all, let’s go on to define what a Social Media Strategist is and why it is one of the essential figures in any digital marketing and business growth agency . 

On the web, we can find countless ‘titles’ to define all those Social Media Strategist professionals. We have heard practically everything: Social Media Manager, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Coordinator, Social Media Manager or Social Media Planner. 

Thus, in the same way in which these ‘titles’ vary, so do the descriptions and functions of these positions, although over the years, it seems that it is a profession practically defined and settled in the digital environment. 

A few years ago, very few years! the difficulty was convincing others that someone like the Social Media Strategist offered a valuable service in a company. As Lord Eddard Stark pointed out, “ a Social Media Strategist doesn’t just play on Facebook ”. 

Today, once companies have experienced the great potential of social networks to sell and generate leads, although those that have not been digitized still resist, that is a distant memory and this figure and all those related to it are already valued. digital environment as serious, professional profiles that have come to stay. Of course, in constant evolution.

A Social Media Strategist is aware that in social networks, nothing is the same as yesterday. 

Definition of Social Media Strategist or Social Media Manager

To introduce ourselves a little into the concept of Social Media Strategist, we are going to see a series of definitions: of great professionals in the sector. 

  • “He is the one who designs, describes and schedules in detail, point by point, the strategy and tactics to be carried out.” Stephan suetterer
  • “He is in charge of creating, introducing and leading the social media strategy of a company. He is in charge of providing these social media with a social and strategic focus. Prepares and plans the network action strategy that will be subsequently executed by the figure of the Community Manager. ” Iebschool
  • ‘He is the decision maker in social media programs, who provides leadership, defines the stages and governs them, and directly influences the spending of technology providers and agencies. He is the strategically responsible for communication in social media. ‘ Pedro Rojas
  • ‘It is, like NEO from MATRIX, capable of looking at tons of dashboard mentions as data cascading down the green screen. To learn a new application requires an immediate understanding of how to learn kung fu or fly a helicopter. But in the end, Neo, as the social media strategist, will lead the people to Zion where he will have to be sacrificed for the business to live. ‘ Rick bakas

Taking all this into account, we would define it as follows:

The Social Media Strategist or Social Media Manager , is the leader of the Social Media strategy or social networks of a company. He is the person responsible for defining the strategy as well as the subsequent execution, as well as the organization and division of tasks of the entire team under his charge, made up of Community Manager and specialists in Social Ads.

The Social Media Strategist is the leader of the Social strategy. He is responsible for the definition and execution of all the steps of the strategy

The truth is that the Social Media Manager is a mostly multitasking profile that spends the day simulating different projects at the same time, having to make use of all its skills, from the most creative aspect to its most analytical facet.

What are the functions of a Social Media Strategist?

  • Creation and implementation of the Social Media Marketing Plan.
  • Definition of KPI’s and objectives of the Social Media Marketing strategy.
  • Establishment of the action plan, therefore including all the phases of the strategy, the channels to be used , the necessary resources, the tactical actions to be carried out, etc.
  • Constant search for trends and periodic presentation to each account of new strategies and special actions. 
  • Direct supervision of the Community Manager and the rest of the Social Media team.
  • Brand monitoring.
  • Analysis of the results of the Social Media Marketing Plan and competition.

And what skills and abilities should a Social Media Strategist have?

The position of the Social Media Strategist is one of the most important positions within the digital marketing strategy of any company. However, to be successful as a Social Media Strategist it is necessary to have a series of skills and characteristics to be able to succeed. What are these characteristics? Well, some like the following:

  • He has a real passion for social media. Someone who does not know what Tik Tok is or who does not have a Twitter account cannot be a good Social Media Strategist. And is that to work on this correctly, you first have to live it. The person who occupies this position must be an active user in practically all social networks, looking for and experimenting with new tools and forms of participation.
  • You know how to run a social community. With his long experience in the networks, a good Social Media Strategist knows how to use the channels at his disposal to reach his potential users, attract them and keep them. In addition, he knows perfectly the strengths and weaknesses of each social network, being able to always advise the best option to brands.
  • Know all the secrets of social networks. There is nothing that escapes you. He is an expert in the use of hashtags to reach his community, URL shorteners, excel download of personalized statistics and other functionalities of the networks that the rest of us escape.
  • They are curious and like to experiment. They are always aware of new trends in Social Media and do not hesitate to investigate the latest tools and existing platforms.

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