Major Advantages of Facebook Web Browser-Redesign

Major Advantages of Facebook Web Browser-Redesign

Facebook has recently taken up web browsing as a serious business and has launched a new feature in the form of the Facebook-Web-Browser-Redesign. The new redesign is an experiment of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg into making the site easier to use for everyone. It has been redesigned to provide a better user experience on a desktop, laptop or tablet, and to cater to the increasing needs of Facebook’s target group – the youth. The new Facebook-Web Browser-Redesign has brought a number of new features to the website. Though most of these new features are designed to be more user-friendly, there are still certain that can be very beneficial for users. Let us see what these additions can do for you:

tabbed navigation – this new feature of Facebook-Web-Browser-Redesign helps you open a number of tabs on the website. By clicking on one of the open tabs, the browser automatically opens the corresponding window. This makes navigation through the website much easier.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) – the website looks much more professional with the help of cascading style sheets. With this feature, you get to choose from a large range of styles to make your website more interesting and professional looking. These cascading style sheets makes your website look more professional by allowing the elements to flow smoothly on the page. When using a regular word document, it makes the page look disorganized and disjointed. On the other hand, using CSS allows elements to flow smoothly thus making the page look much more organized and attractive.

Search Box – in the old versions of Facebook-Web Browser-Redesign, the search box was hidden behind the header. However, with the new version of the website, you get to choose how visible the search box is on the tab. Thus, users can browse through the options without having to scroll down the page.

Customization – User has the liberty to change the appearance of the background, the color and the overall appearance of the tab. It is very easy to customize the look of the Facebook-Web Browser-Redesign. The user can also choose whether to make the background darker or lighter. Similarly, the color of the border and the tab is also customizable. This makes it easy for the user to customize the tab to fit his preferences.

Favorite Sites – Like the search box, it is also easy for the user to access their favorite sites through the tabs. When clicking on any tab, it will take the user to the site that is being used most frequently. Thus, users can check out their favorite social networking sites such as the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace among others. They can also choose whether they want to see the latest blog posts and photos. To make it more interesting, the tab also suggests the user about the best things that he or she has posted in the blog or in the site.

Friend Feed – With this new feature, it becomes easier to share the friendship links between the different accounts. This helps to make it easier to follow the links and share important information with friends. To use this facility, it is recommended that the user creates a new page using the Facebook Web Browser-Redesign. Then he or she can add the ‘Add Friend’ button. Now all that needs to be done is to click the button and share the friend feed using the selected friend’s link.

News Feed – The news feed is another exciting feature added to the new version of the Facebook Web Browser-Redesign. The feed lists the recent updates and the most popular content that the users liked best. Hence, it becomes easier for the users to keep up with their favorite news on a regular basis. Since this is a new feature for Facebook, it is advised that the users create accounts to get the latest news from here. The major advantages of using News Feed are mentioned below:

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