Instagram For Business: Tips To Grow Your Audience

Instagram For Business

If you want to use Instagram for your business, think like a user. Go through your Instagram, and scroll down the news feed enjoying the curated content of your friends, professional creators, and brands.  

No one made you follow the business account. You follow the brands because you like them. You chose to. 

But why?

If you can find the answer, you will be able to use Instagram to gain more audiences for your business. When you use Instagram for business, you must ask yourself —why should your audiences come back?  

As long as you do not have the answer, you cannot make full use of Instagram for your business.

Grow Your Audience Using Instagram

Whether you’ve just started to grow your Instagram profile or you wanted to just go full throttle with your Instagram marketing, today we’re going to share how you can grow your following and get the most out of your marketing strategy.

Having an Instagram Business Profile makes your business look professional on instagram. People will instantly know it’s a business and not some fake influencers.

But Growthoid says that getting the Instagrammers of the world to pay attention to your Instagram feed posts, Instagram stories, and every other element of your Business Profile needs a lot of creative thinking

Here are the tips you can use to get more audiences to follow you Instagram business profile.

Tip 1: Optimize Your Profile

Your Instagram profile is like your website. You get that 150 characters description, a few CTAs, links, and good images. This will help you give a good first expression.

However, if you do not have a business account, you will miss many good features. So first, change your normal Instagram account to a business account, and then do the following.

  • A quick description of your company.
  • Be careful about the tone of the message. It defines your business personality.
  • Add categories for your business.
  • Contact information.
  • A link to your website.

Tip 2: Post Consistently

Targeting the right timeline is important. First, you must be aware of your audience’s active time and post in that particular time frame. This ensures your content stays relevant and fresh for the audience.

The best way to ensure that you get your post through at the right time every day is by using the Instagram post schedule application. These applications can be downloaded from The Pirate Bay for free and help you post your content even when sleeping.

Tip 3: Experiments With Different Contents

Instagram is a platform where you can share different types of content. For instance, you have –

  • Videos.
  • Stories.
  • Reels.
  • IGTV.

Going with any type of content will help you reach your desired audiences. However, if you want to increase your engagement, try going with multiple content.

Each content has its pros and cons. Some people love reels. At the same time, some spend most of their time in stories. Sharing multiple contents will help you reach a larger pool of audiences.

Tip 4: Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags have become a way to categorize content on social media. It allows the platform to find relevant content. People looking for the right hashtags can get to your content easily.

But, when you are dealing with hashtags, you need to be careful about how you organize them. First, look for trendy hashtags and see whether or not they match your content. Once you are sure of relevance, only then use it in the Instagram Content.

Try Out Instagram Advertising

While the above tips will certainly help you grow your presence online to get more audiences for your business, going with Instagram Advertising can give you instant results. 

If you can really manage, we would like you to go with the Instagram stories ads. This will add something candid to your post and give something more than just content to your users.

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