Things that you should know about cloud computing

Cloud computing is one of the technologies that drive digitalization. It allows a user to use a variety of services from a network cloud provided by a service provider.

The world that we are currently living in is completely driven by technology as there are many different types of technological solutions out there that are changing the way we deal with things. You should know that with time, technological solutions haven’t only become easy to use but they have become quite cheap as well. There used to be a time when only giant companies with giant budgets were able to use technological solutions but things have completely changed with the advancement of time as in the modern era, there are many small businesses or we can say all the small businesses are using technological solutions in one way or another.  This is what will make you stand out from the crowd

And one such technological solution that we are going to talk about in this blog post is cloud computing. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tech-freak or not or you read tech magazines on a daily basis or not, there is one thing for sure and that is you must have heard about cloud computing in one way or another. In the modern era, cloud computing is the base of many technological solutions out there.

With the advancement of time, cloud computing has established itself as a vital part of every business. Whether it is accounting or storage solution, cloud computing has become a powerful weapon for businesses and it is used in the most important operations of the firm.

But even with its penetration in every sector and industry, there are various aspects of cloud computing, which are not known to most of the people. Such lack of knowledge can keep you away from the bundle of benefits offered by the advanced technology and therefore, we will now look at the 5 hidden facts of cloud computing which are not known to most of the people.

You can boost the life expectancy of your PC

Small businesses have to look at various ways of cost-cutting because they have to manage everything in their limited budget and in such cases, regular replacement of PCs and laptops can prove to be a costly affair. But with cloud computing, the load on your PCs is reduced as other than a web browser, nothing much is used and even the storage is in the cloud so your PC can be free from the load of large files as well.

You are a part of cloud revolution

There are many people out there who are using advanced technological solutions in their day life and they are still not aware about it and the same thing can be said about cloud computing. There are many people out there who still think that they are not a part of the cloud computing world but you should know that there are maximum chances that you must be using cloud computing solutions like QuickBooks Enterprise hosting in one way or another and you might even don’t know about it.

You may be thinking about whether to shift to cloud or not, whether it will fit into my businesses function or not without knowing that your firm is already using the cloud computing. According to a research, it has been found that most of the big businesses might be using 1245 different cloud applications. So if your business is using Dropbox, Gmail, Outlook, then you need to know that these all are cloud-based platforms.

Cloud is ultra safe 

Gone are those days when you used to store all the sensitive business data on the local hard disk and you used to think that this is the safest place for storing data but you should know that in the modern era, even a normal person with a basic hacking knowledge can easily get access to your files stored on your hard disk. This is one of the main reasons why so many firms are flocking towards cloud computing for storing data.

Many people think that the hardware of their computer is the safest place to store company’s data as no one can even think of stealing data from such a secure platform but this is just a hoax. The data on your hardware is the most vulnerable data as anyone with evil intentions can sneak peek into your data. While on the other hand, cloud computing can prove to be the most secure platform for your business data as it has multiple layers of security.

Cloud is economical

This is a big misconception that cloud computing is a very advanced technology and it has been designed for only giant firms who have pockets filled with gold. But the truth is very different because the hosting cloud services can prove to be a cost-cutting solution for your firm. By opting for the hosted cloud solution, you don’t need to pay for IT infrastructure and IT staff as the hosting provider offers round the clock customer support through a dedicated team. If you will go for hosted QuickBooks then it will turn out to be economical for you.

So, even if you are running a small business and even if you have an extremely low budget, you don’t need to worry as cloud computing will always be there for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to choose cloud storage or cloud hosting, there are maximum chances that cloud computing will fit in your budget.

Cloud is not a single solution

Considering cloud computing as a single platform or service can prove to be a disaster for your business if you are going to choose cloud computing. There are different types of cloud computing in the market like IaaS, Paas and SaaS. So you should know the different types of cloud computing services in order to choose the perfect one for yourself.

A well-informed decision is always the best decision and therefore having an in-depth knowledge of cloud computing before choosing it for your business can help you utilize the platform in the best way possible.

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