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The role of the blog as a digital strategy in your company or business is undoubted. What was a digital rarity years ago is today a perfect online marketing tool for your business. But why do I need a blog in my digital strategy?  Why create a Blog? We see it😉

Blog and digital strategy in marketing

Companies used to be very reluctant to a corporate blog , but not personal brands, as is my case, or it belongs to many other colleagues such as Miguel Florido, Mabel Cajal, Rubén Máñez or Élia Guardiola, among many others.

The reasons for having a blog if you are a personal brand were clear from the beginning, as it helps branding and projection of the personal brand. Create a blog d ince zero and takes advantage of the benefits you to your Online Marketing strategy.

Reasons to have a blog as a digital strategy

So, I am going to share the reasons that, in my opinion, help companies if they have a branded corporate blog.

You share useful and quality content

In a blog nothing is published. Well, I have a blog and I have to post often, so I post whatever it takes for Google to see that there is movement and new pages – mistake!

The first thing you have to think about before creating a blog is the theme of the blog . What are you going to talk about? Think that it is a digital book that you open, and that you are going to have to feed it regularly, if you want it to be of any use.

The strategy of your blog is divided into several steps:

  • Define the objectives of your blog : like any digital product, and this one is, it must have clear goals to achieve. What do I want to achieve with my blog? As I have said before, the objectives of the blog range from branding or personal or business brand (gain subscribers), web traffic (increase blog followers gradually), keyword positioning (SEO), make them see more than one page on each visit (reading stay and retention time), etc. Like any objective in digital marketing , it has to be measurable, real, and achievable in a certain time .
  • What audience are you targeting : it is very important to know what target audience you want to reach with your blog, since the strategy is aimed at meeting the objectives with them, and not with another audience.
  • Content strategy : this is where the content comes in, the best of digital marketing. We can all create it, so sit down, think about what content meets the needs of that target audience you are targeting, and then make a content calendar for your blog that you will write later.
  • How you will gain subscribers : what will be your strategy to gain loyal readers to your blog? You will spend on ads, you will share a lot and well on social networks and content aggregators, etc. Where are you going to put the subscription boxes and the calls to action for your readers to subscribe to your blog). The best digital marketing blogs 2019 do it this way

Humanize the brand

The blog helps in SEO strategy

Any blog as a web project needs two things: good content and positioning it well. One thing without the other does not work.

So when you have done the editorial calendar of your blog posts, dig a little deeper and do a keyword search for each of them, write down those words, and then implement them in the posts when you write them.

You have to have a good SEO on page and SEO off page to gain authority in the face of Google.

Variety of content for your blog

A blog is not only about writing. You will see that there are other formats for your blog , such as podcasts , interviews, testimonials, videoblog , etc.

It has a lot of potential to make content that is viral to later share on social networks, and that your brand Social Media strategy works.


I have already given you a few reasons why you should have a blog as a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Now it’s up to you. Tell me if you have a blog , why you created it, and what benefits it brings to your brand.


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