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LinkedIn has over 600 million active users which means you can probably find quite a few prospects on this social network. LinkedIn has more than 30 million pages, and most of them do not take advantage of the full potential of the platform, which means that you have a great opportunity to stand out in your field.

Today we will look at three stages that will help you grow your LinkedIn Page to build an enthusiastic community that leads you to convert your followers into customers.

1) Prepare your page with a professional image

Your company page on LinkedIn should have all the information someone might need to make the decision to work with your business, buy your products or hire your services.

  • Cover Image: Make it clear what your company offers and who your LinkedIn Page is for. Simplify the decision to follow up with a well-designed image.
  • Description: Enrich your page with all the information about your brand. You must include the mission of your company, indicate who you serve (your ideal client), explain how you can help and include a call to action informing the next step you want to take.
  • Hashtags: The hashtags in your posts give your content greater visibility. The hashtags on your page allow you to interact as a brand in the publications that have been tagged with any of the three hashtags that you have selected. Choose strategically the three hashtags that you are going to link to your page, ideally, these will allow you to reach your ideal client. When choosing a hashtag, verify that there is related activity, identify those that your ideal audience will use to search for content and do not choose very general hashtags.

2) Post quality content

Let’s see the types of content that you can share on your LinkedIn page to win over your followers in order to convert them into customers.

Format: Video

  • Take your followers to discover how you work, let them know through short videos how your company works.
  • Don’t be afraid to use humor if it reflects the personality of your brand as it is important that they have a real affinity.
  • An easy way to create quick content is to reuse presentations, so get into the habit of recording lectures, workshops, activities etc.
  • Present success stories of your clients, but focusing on the transformation achieved in the client told by the same. It is important that the video is short and accurate.
  • Audiograms: With the current large amount of content in audio format, the audiogram is a format that is currently growing.
  • Screenshots: Filming your screen allows you to simplify the steps when you are going to teach something to your community and with that you create very useful short videos.

To be successful with video content, keep in mind that you are sharing valuable content, not advertising. Make sure to always include a call to action stating the next step. And ALWAYS publish your videos natively so you can customize and optimize it.

Format: Documents

  • Checklist: Create checklists that are related to a service you offer and that take specific steps towards a simple solution to a problem that your community may have.
  • Blog Articles: Adapt your articles to PDF format so that people can download and read them when they are offline.
  • Templates: Share templates that help optimize the productivity of your community.
  • Slides: This is a good space to share your presentation slides.

To be successful with content in document format, include your contact information and use your brand colors so they are easily identifiable. Remind your public that they can download the file for free. Tell them if they find it useful to share the post with their community.

Format: Pictures

  • Animated text: It’s a fun way to bring your images to life to draw attention to your content.
  • Stand out your team: We often talk about humanizing your brand and the best way to do that is by introducing the people who make your company what it is today.
  • Integrate humor into your content: Many times when we think of LinkedIn as a serious place we fall into the error of sharing content that can be boring, do not be afraid to integrate humor through anecdotal images and even memes.

To be successful with content in Image format, create your graphics in good format, favor your own images that reflect the reality of your company. Share attention-grabbing images that are relevant to the content.

3) Amplify your efforts

  • Content suggestion: The content suggestion functionality of your LinkedIn Page allows you to discover and share content that your community interacts with.
  • Page update: Select the notify employees button in the upper right corner of updates to inform your team when you have a featured post that you want them to see and support you by promoting it.
  • Invite your contacts: Select your contacts who are most likely to be interested in your page and invite them to follow it through the button on your page.
  • Calls to action: You have to be an expert in integrating calls to action into your content. These should tell your audience the next step to take, and this information has to be clear, relevant and direct.
  • Check your data: The statistics provided by LinkedIn allow you to see valuable information that you should use to optimize your content.

Take advantage of every aspect of your LinkedIn page to increase visibility, strategically use calls to action to motivate interaction and remember that you do not need to create all the content you share, incorporate content curation in your actions. Then analyze carefully to know the impact of each publication you make and thus adapt your content strategy according to the results.

Important: Spend time training your team to make good use of LinkedIn. In order to help you, it is important that they understand how to use the social network.

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