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Are you an online worker? To get the most out of your job, you need suitable digital tools to help you deal with documents and files.  PDF Converters assist you in converting other file formats to PDF and vice versa. Whether the PDF is image-based, original, or not, these tools can help you modify your documents in any way you want. 

Converting documents to PDF format makes them easy to share, view and archive. The best PDF tools in the market aim to satisfy different PDF conversion needs in the shortest time possible and usually in a cost-effective process. One of its primary functions is to perform PDF conversion while maintaining the original quality of your document. These converting tools will make your daily tasks easier and faster. Here are a few examples you should consider. 


Gogodf is one of the tools you can use in performing PDF conversions. Converting Excel spreadsheets to PDF with GoGoPDF is brief and clean. Also, you can easily compress PDF, merge, and split it. If you would like to reduce your file size or compile all your PDF in one file, compressing your PDF with GogoPDF is simple and easy. There are brief and easy step-by-step directions on compressing your PDF on the site. 

How to Compress Your PDF With GogoPDF

The first step is to select the documents you would like to compress. GogoPDF also has a drag-and-drop function that lets you drag a file to the compression box. Allow compressions to begin. After your document is compressed, you can easily download it to your computer or transfer it to another user through email. 


Nitro Pro is an entire PDF enhancing and conversion tool. It gives you the ability to convert your file into different formats, including PDF, PNG, JPG, and more. Previously called Nitro PDF Professional, this software permits you to edit document arrangement, images, and text. Nitro Pro is appropriate for both expert and private use and is compatible with your desktop browser. 

No product from this collection like Nitro Pro 7, 8, 9, 10, or Nitro Pro eleven comes with a cellular app. Comparing prices, you may additionally be aware that nitro PDF is affordable and comes with a monthly or yearly subscribing fee.

This tool or software is designed to be easy to use. You can just select or click on the files, select a template and then convert the document. The data conversion is done within minutes without any need to learn a complicated technical language. After the conversion is completed, you can check the resulting page and be assured that the files will be converted properly.

3.Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat lets you modify your PDF file and convert them to different formats.  Being the originators of PDF, this is one of the best tools you can use in editing your PDF file. For starters, the highlighted equipment can be used to mark regions for edits. Both encompass one-of-a-kind color options, and you may modify the opacity of notes and highlights to have them stand out. Other features include underlining and putting textual content with pop-up notes that can assist you in making modifications to the file. You may even document and upload an audio remark to a file to save yourself time used in typing. 

All the equipment Acrobat has to provide may also appear overwhelming at first. But customizing the toolbar with preferred features facilitates streamlining the modifying process. For many, the Fill & Sign device is one of the top critical features Acrobat 2020 offers. It lets you sign documents and files digitally without having to print them out. Signatures can be added, and you may customize your signature with the aid of the drawing tool. Acrobat Pro 2020 for Windows 10 consists of a signature panel that allows you to use a virtual pen.

4.Small PDF

To convert your files with a small PDF, there is no need to download complex software as the process is easy. To start, choose the version that matches your operating system. Once you open the site, just follow the instructions it provides. You can always select all features from numerous tables on the page, converting your file in a few minutes.  You can also opt to use only a few advanced features, and the resulting file can be downloaded in a few minutes. 

5.Foxit PDF

Another option when wanting to know how to convert PDF files is to use the Foxit PDF. Using Foxit,  you can quickly and easily convert PDF to many popular word processing formats, such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This tool makes it easy to create PDFs in bulk, an action that may be required if you’re involved in business or other types of document creation.

There are various ways of creating PDF files with the NovaPDF tool. First, choose the PDF you would like to convert or modify, click on the action required and let your converter do all the work. When your file is ready to download, you can download it directly to your computer or send it to an external contact through email. 


For whatever reason you need to convert your online files, the process is relatively simple.  The way to do this is with the use of some PDF file conversion software. You need to input your document and let the service or site you choose to do the work. These programs can quickly change your file formats to any form you want, viewed on almost any computer.

However, you must use only the best of these programs to get the best results possible. There are different converters, and if you choose a program that cannot run on your system, it will not be beneficial to you. It would be best to make sure that the program is compatible with your operating system to convert files quickly and efficiently. If you use a computer that does not support a specific file type, the best choice will be to read tutorials and find an alternative for using these files on your computer. 

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