Digitization, the phenomenon that brings us closer to each other


In an age governed by technology, digitization has helped companies get closer to their customers. This happens in almost all aspects, for example the online gambling industry where several gambling companies provide what is called a fast withdrawal casino, which can be accessed online.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it numerous advances in science and technology, but it has also allowed us to see the more human side of technology. In the financial sphere, it has allowed many services that were previously provided on a regular basis in offices to now be done from the comfort and safety of home through a mobile phone or computer.

This approach by entities has been seen, above all, in customer service. During the worst of the pandemic, the procedures carried out through the virtual assistant were doubled and the calls answered in its call center increased by almost 70%. This rapid growth of inquiries caused companies to have to face a new type of client, since they began to contact people who usually, by age or by habit used to go to the office.

It is about a much closer customer service, which surely would not have been given in other circumstances. Situations also arose that allowed customers to discover, for the first time, the most digital part of the industry. The customers who are having the most trouble are the older customers, but precisely the pandemic has made them know this world and many of the calls were showing them first access to the app, a simple first operation and we think they are welcoming it very well.

Banks are part of our daily lives, yet for most of our lives, our relationship with them is changing thanks to digitization. At this point, it is important that the evolution and progress of the sector reach the whole world in the same way, so that the entities themselves work to make their digital services much more accessible and that no one is left behind.

Digitization in the banking sector

In a short time, technology has transformed society, the economy, human relations, and the production formulas of companies. Digitization is an unstoppable phenomenon and the Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated this global trend. I think digitization is not an option. It is a shared goal of all. Banks, society, the education sector, health.

At this point, in the banking sector, digitization has changed the way customers deal with their operations. Today, most people prefer to carry out their transactions online, either through the bank’s website or app. Another noteworthy fact as a result of the pandemic is that customers increasingly trust when using digital channels and, on the other hand, that the remote attention offered by banks has been rated as good or very good.

Their strong commitment to digital transformation for years, has allowed many banks to face the health crisis with the best tools and in the best technological conditions, ensuring their activity at all times and with the aim of improving and personalizing their customer experience.

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