How much to post on social networks? Keys to publish well on social media

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A frequent question in training is to know how much to post on social networks . Choosing the right rate of publication is not easy if you do not know how to determine that best moment in a professional way.

Attention, choosing the best time to publish on social networks is useless if the associated content, the message, the strategy, is not the best for your business within digital marketing .

How many times a day to post on social networks? I have to improve my reach and my interactions in my posts, would it be of any use to publish more? Or do I have to slow down and post less ? We see it🙂

How many times to post on social networks

How much to post on social media: general principle prior

First of all, you have to know that not all social networks are the same. Each social network has its characteristics. For what are the social network good for? That is the question.

The answer is that each one serves to attract a certain type of audience. In your case, you have to first do a social media audit and a social media plan to determine which social networks it is better to be on, and which not.

This is part of my job as a social media consultant or social media consultant. Determine with strategy in which social networks to be present, by the public, the objectives and the possibilities of action and available resources.

How much to post on Facebook

Facebook is a network where it is not necessary to publish every day , far from it.

Many times they ask me that if they do not publish every day, their audience does not see them. And it is the opposite. If you post a lot, they will stop following you for being tired, for continually bombarding you with your things. People have many other things to do.

Ideally, determine how many times to post on Facebook: my recommendation is to post no more than 2 or 3 times a week .

How much to post on Instagram

Always depending on the case, since each brand is a world in itself, on Instagram we can publish more content than on Facebook.

Mainly because of the enormous possibilities that Instagram has to scale your business . We have the possibility of publishing on the wall, in the gallery, but also in the stories, reels, direct messages or IGTV.

For the case of Instagram, I recommend:

1- Post 1 to 3 times in the gallery if the brand has a loyal community.

2- Post between 3 and 5 times if you are contracting your community.

3- Post 5 to 6 times a week in the gallery if it is a new brand that has to build its community on social networks .

In addition, there is the strategy to publish in stories, reels or IGTV. Publishing in stories requires a complementary strategy and parallel to that of the wall. There are a lot of fans who interact with brand Instagram posts on them, and not so much on the gallery.

How much to post on Twitter

In this case, the rate of publication on social networks for Twitter is higher. By Twitter’s own algorithm , and by how it shows the contents and the duration they have.

My recommendation is to publish on Twitter between 3 and 4 daily contents in general, leaving aside the management of notifications and RT of other contents within the platform.

Remember that especially on Twitter, you don’t have to only post your own content. Reserve around 70% of content for third parties, and the rest yours. This way you will grow from the beginning and steadily.

How much to post on LinkedIn

Here, to publish on LinkedIn, taking into account that it is a network of professional contacts, we have to be very careful with what content to publish on LinkedIn .

From my point of view, a personal brand or a starting company is not the same as one that already has a certain trajectory:

1- New brand : publish from Monday to Thursday once a day, at least, until some notoriety and visibility is acquired on LinkedIn.

2- Strong community brand : publish very selectively only when you have something relevant to share. Distribute the best content between LinkedIn Pulse and the wall.

How much to post on Youtube and Pinterest

It depends on the social media strategy to be implemented, you may have to know how much to publish on social networks such as YouTube or Pinterest.

1- How much to post on YouTube : as long as you have good video content that is of interest to your community. To keep the channel alive, publish at least one video per month. If we can post a good one every week, so much the better. YouTube is the second search engine in the world behind Google. So, if you do it right, your channel will gain in watch time and subscribers .

2- How much to publish on Pinterest : I recommend you publish as long as you have content to position from the web and from your YouTube channel. Feeding your board with good pins will make you grow. In my case, I do it once a week at least, to gain visibility and position the content that I consider relevant.

Conclusion: how much to publish, a lot or a little?

So, once I’ve seen how much to post on each social network, I make the final recommendation for your business.

Professionally determine what is the best pace to publish on your social networks , taking into account the information you obtain from the social media audit, and the social media plan.

You will have a perfect vision of your brand, and of the competition, and of what place your brand occupies in the professional sector in which you work.

And finally, determine how much to post .

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