How to build industrial website using javascript?


Any business requires good promotion and presentation. A qualitatively made site helps the user to visually assess the level of service and make a choice in favor of a particular brand. That’s why it’s so important now to make a proper and user-friendly environment online.  Nowadays, JavaScript is a popular programming language used to create interactive elements on the site, as well as for mobile applications, artificial intelligence, and much more. Intelligently applied features of JavaScript increase engagement and made the user experience more enjoyable.

Is it possible to create a website using only JavaScript? Yes, but this method is highly inconvenient, and there is no need for it. JavaScript requires a place to store its data, so usually, web developers use this language in tandem with HTML and CSS.

Here will be collected auxiliary stages on the way to create an industrial site using this programming language.

1.Learn the basics

An important step is to learn the basics. Beginners need to stock up on useful and up-to-date literature. 

Also, study:

  • Html (the Hypertext Markup Language) will help create the so-called framework of the site.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – defines what the user will finally see, but more precisely, the styles.
  • Frameworks 
  • Formatting styles

2.Connect JavaScript to HTML

 There are two ways: 

  • Bind a Javascript file to the HTLM file using the <script> tag and the src attribute.
  • Completely write the JavaScript code in the HTML file without creating another file. 

The first way is more convenient in practice because it allows you to focus on both HTML and JavaScript separately. 

3.Level up with others

To create a quality industrial site, you need to analyze the work of other authors. Then, you can choose the best industrial website and take certain tricks and techniques from there.

4.Use JavaScript correctly.

After you learn this programming language, it is just as important to use it correctly. 

  • Do not try to set any timings for loading information or moving the user around the site. You cannot predict how fast he reads, internet speed, or other factors.
  • Make it possible to navigate the site with the keyboard, and then be sure to test it.
  • Also, take care of users who have turned off JavaScript to speed up their browsers or for other reasons. 
  • How to avoid inconveniences in such situations?
  • The best option is to look at server-side scripts; they are responsible for transferring data and error handling. They will help you check the quality of your JavaScript functionality.
  • If you choose simple effects, they can also handle CSS.
  • And the option that is the simplest, but at the same time does not bear responsibility for the failure of inaccessible scripts, is to write <nonscript>.
  • Pay attention to how comfortable the animation will be for the user. Overly expressive effects can cause unpleasant sensations in the eyes and even cramps.

5.Simplify the process

You can simplify the creation of a site for yourself and use services that have already become professionals in the use of javascript

Final thoughts: 

Using JavaScript to create an industrial site takes your work to a new level. If you want to create websites using JavaScript, you must remember that the first step is to familiarize yourself with the bases. And if you want to simplify your work and transfer this time-consuming stage to a professional team, you can use a special service – Fireart. Nevertheless, creating your industrial site using Javascript is not that difficult. If you put the required resources and effort into it, it will return to you.

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