How to Find Duplicate Photos in Windows 10 – Get Your Image Back in No Time!

Duplicate Photos

Have you ever wondered how to find duplicate pictures in Windows 10? Or asked yourself if it is possible? It is quite possible and the solution lies in using registry cleaners. Many of you may be wondering what registry cleaners are. Well, they are software tools that scan through your PC and fix all the errors that are inside it. This way, your computer will become faster and perform at its optimum level.

Duplicate pictures are basically trash, and yet they are occupying a lot of your computer’s hard drive space. Now, in this article, we will discuss on how to locate duplicate pictures in Windows 10, and then get rid of them forever. In order to do this, you need to download a good registry repair tool from the internet. We highly recommend Reg Cure.

When looking for duplicate photos in Windows, you can use the built-in “Disk Recovery” function. With this, you can browse through the hard drive and find all the duplicate images stored there. To do this, first save all your selected photos onto your desktop. Next, right click on your hard drive and select “Properties”. From the dialog box, go to the “Local System Devices” tab and ensure that you are in the appropriate location where you can locate the disk.

Once you are in the location, you can either right click or double click on the disk to launch the Disk Recovery utility. There you will find all your selected duplicate pictures. You can either divide your photo duplicates into separate folders or delete one at a time. Apart from removing one file, it can also compress your selected duplicate pictures to free up some more disk space on your PC. The result is an increase in the available disk space for you. This is how to find duplicate photos in windows 10.

The next option is to download a program from the internet that can help you remove duplicate pictures in windows. Photo Editor is one such program which you can download from the internet. This tool is very easy to use and even beginners can perform the operation successfully. After downloading the program, launch it and then browse to the section where you will find the “Duplicate Photos” option.

You can either drag and drop the duplicate pictures onto this window or click and drag them onto it. The advanced options available will allow you to adjust the extraction method for your selected photo duplicates so that it can be reduced to a reasonable size. If you are looking to get some better result, you can use the “Align To” option in order to make the duplicate picture look uniform on all the disks. After all the duplicate pictures have been removed, you can go ahead and restart your computer. You should notice a marked improvement in the disk space usage.

Apart from Photo Editor, there is another useful tool called the Easy Duplicate Finder which is also readily available on the internet. This is an online application which is easy to use. You just have to select a number of duplicate pictures that you want to check for their differences and click on the “Search” option in order to bring out all the duplicates. If you choose to use the built-in search option, you will only be able to list the most common duplicate pictures.

The last option, which is left for you is to use the Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. This is the best application in my opinion as far as finding and recovering deleted images is concerned. It is very easy to use and is pretty much user friendly. You can use this amazing duplicate photo finder application by downloading it directly at the link given below.

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