How to involve your community in your Facebook group

Facebook group

Facebook groups are fast becoming the new way to get the most engagement with your brand online. Consider your Facebook page as the front yard of your business, and your Facebook group as your back yard.

In the Facebook group you achieve a closer and more informal communication, that’s where the party happens and you are the host.

Your job as a host is to facilitate interaction so that members of your community get to know each other and can share common interests.

Do you feel that the interest of the members of your group waned? Here are some tips to get more interaction in your Facebook group.

Use the tools in the group

  • Moderators: If you don’t know what to say in your Facebook group, consider assigning moderators. Having different moderators allows you to reflect different types of personalities, tone, connection, and content.
  • Events: If you have a hard time getting people to participate during your live broadcasts, organize the events option as it allows people to know exactly when you will do the broadcast, the topic and in addition to that they will receive reminders.  
  • Files: If you get repetitive questions and you feel like people are not seeing your content, create documents by organizing the questions with links to each post.
  • Units: Use the units to organize and deliver knowledge to the members of your group. You can give courses, stages of solution to a problem or organize what you share by topic.

Make your community feel special

  • Give them the floor: Make the members of the group protagonists, show them the achievements and encourage others. Invite them to appear on video to tell an experience, people will want to be chosen and share more because they will feel part of a community with which they have things in common.
  • Make challenges: An excellent way to maintain interaction is to make challenges, with this you will create competitiveness, you will give something in common to work on and keep them aware of when the next one will be.  
  • Create giveaways: Publish prizes, it can be a digital workshop, a detail to those who shared the most in the group, be creative with something that you know will make your community happy.
  • Treasure hunts: It can be finding old content, finding an answer to something within the shared content, taking a photo or video of something, making social posts or sharing phrases.
  • Bring guests: Invite people who will bring new perspectives and knowledge. This keeps the group innovating.
  • Interact with video: Video is an amazing tool to eliminate misconceptions, connect your members with each other, and be real. You can respond with video, teach something new, solve problems. You can also ask them to respond to a challenge on video and give them a 30 or 60 second time limit.

Spend time getting to know your community and learn from what they share. If you give them a space in which they find value and can identify themselves, you will be able to create an excellent relationship with the members of your Facebook group.  

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