4 Tips on How to Organize Your First College Apartment


If you just moved to college from your family home, one of the biggest challenges you will face is organizing small spaces. Since you’ll most likely be sharing your apartments with others. There isn’t enough space for every item that you might need for your daily life, and most of these items will just end up in a pile in the closet. 

To fit them all into your tiny apartment, you would have to get creative. This way, you can have a better idea about what should be where, and you won’t end up with so many objects and gadgets in one small area. Here are some tips and storage items that might help. 

1. Make Use of Storage Bins and Baskets

Most of us have a standard approach to organizing the nooks and crannies of our living spaces. But storage items like bins and baskets can help store items like blankets and bedsheets. This is a necessity for you since it gets chilly at night, blankets if laying around can make your room appear messy and disorganized. You can also use decorative storage baskets that serve the dual purpose of holding household equipment and adding style to your room. 

To begin, decide what type of containers you’d like to purchase. Some standard options include fabric bins, woven baskets, fabric chests, and big empty plastic baskets. Some storage bins can always be tucked away within closets, while others (such as the funky rope baskets) should be out on display. 

If you prefer to keep them hidden, think about where you can hide them: in attics, under the bed, in drawers, and other spaces, the list goes on. The goal is to create as much extra space as possible by tucking all the extra material into the storage baskets. 

2. Use Labeled Food Containers

Labeled food containers are containers used to store and serve food. These can also be called vacuum sealers, which is a fancy way of saying that the lid seals to prevent spoilage or bacteria growth. If you buy a lot of fresh food or cook regularly, you probably have had to deal with spoiled or uneaten food in your kitchen, sometimes even more than once or twice a week.

This problem is common in the kitchen areas where there is hardly enough space to store containers for preserving food. Either that or your refrigerator is too small and can’t hold a lot of food items.

Labeled containers can solve this problem by helping you arrange your food items so you can stack them in the ref or cabinet as the case might be. This can greatly reduce the amount of clutter and mess in your kitchen and make it much easier to clean.

You can get these containers in just about any size you need or want and in any color, pattern, or design you wish. The good news is that because they are Labeled, they do not take up as much space as unorganized containers, and they are also easily washable. 

3. Buy a Shoe Rack 

If you’re struggling with space, you probably have your favorite shoes laying about and you don’t know where to store them. It’s very inconvenient to have to dig around in a messy pile of shoes every time you need to find a pair, and it’s also a pain to look for one out of the pair when you need to quickly rush out for lectures. 

A shoe rack with one door is perfect for storing only a couple of pairs of dress shoes. This rack can be made of metal or wood and features two shelves that are attached at the bottom. Two doors swing open for easy access. You might go for a simpler rack with two or three levels. 

4. Use Over-the-Toilet Storage

Are you looking for an innovative solution to your bathroom organization problems? Do you find it difficult to find the right and the proper place to store your skincare items, feminine hygiene products, and many other important personal care products? You can organize your bathroom while utilizing limited space with the help of over-the-toilet storage space. 

It helps to organize all the items that are stored in your bathroom in such a way that they are easily accessible. Not only you will be able to save some space, but you will also be able to add to the aesthetics of your bathroom. These are available in various sizes and shapes and you can select one according to the size and shape of your bathroom and toilet bowl. 


Another bonus tip you should keep in mind is the location of your apartment. If you live in a place with poor ventilation and poor lighting, it’s going to be harder to efficiently organize the space. Since you won’t have sufficient natural light, you can use artificial lights to improve the lighting in the apartment. But as much as possible try getting a conducive environment so organizing won’t be a hassle.

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