6 Effective Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Organized At Home

Teach Your Kids

It’s understandable for kids to be messy. If you have kids, you may be used to having cluttered toys around the house, no matter how much you clean up. There may be instances that you will accidentally step on a Lego piece which hurts more than a cut of a knife. It is one of the reasons why most parents are very meticulous when it comes to keeping their kids’ belongings organized at all times.

If you are lucky to have a big house, you can easily set up a playroom or a study room for your kids. However, if you don’t have the extra space, the option for you is to either constantly clean the house or teach your kids to be more organized. Of course, as children, they still don’t have the concept of cleaning up and maintaining their belongings. But, as parents, you can start it with a little practice until they get used to it. Here are some ideas on how you can start teaching your kids to be more organized at home.

1. Use creative toy storage ideas.

One of the best ways to get them excited about organizing their belongings is by choosing creative toy storage. Some are designed with cartoon characters or fictional people that will look attractive to children. In that way, it will not feel as if they are cleaning up. Rather, it’s like they are putting their toys back to sleep. With the help of these toy storage ideas, you can inspire your children to keep their favorite playmates organized.

2. Pick the right designs and colors.

If you have children, you know how much they want to keep in theme with their favorite color or superhero. If you are planning to buy cabinets or paint their room, make sure that you will choose their preferred design and color. Children are very attached to these fictional characters not because they are entertaining but also because they idolize them. So, if you buy a storage bin that looks like Superman or Batman, they will make sure that it is stocked properly.

3. Don’t store them in high areas.

You must only store all the toys and books within their reach. Some parents prefer to install hanging cabinets for their kids’ belongings, but it’s unsafe. Most often than not, your child will try to get them, and it’s an accident hazard. Moreover, if the storage shelf is too high, your kid will be too lazy to put everything back. Sure, a ladder or a platform may help, but you wouldn’t want to risk your child’s safety.

4. Separate playing tools with study tools.

The basic rule of organizing your stuff is segregating. As early as their toddler years, make sure to introduce the separation of playing tools and studying tools. It will be better if you can separate them into two different rooms. However, if it’s not possible, you can set one corner for playing and the other for studying. In that way, they will know how to properly sort out their books and toys, plus they will know where to get them when they need them.

5. Make clean-up a habit and set a schedule.

There are times when you call your kids for dinner, and they will rush to the dining room even when they are playing. Because of that, their toys will be left scattered around the room. What you can do is to make sure that before they start any new activity, they have to clean up first. Once they get used to it, you will no longer have to worry about picking up small pieces of soldier toys or Barbie dresses on the floor.

6. Give them rewards for doing it.

At the end of the day, it’s important to acknowledge your kids’ efforts. Once they finish cleaning up or tidying up their room, make it a habit to reward them with something. It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. A simple piece of chocolate or a slice of cake will be enough. Since they still don’t have the basic knowledge of keeping things clean, rewarding them for cleaning up and organizing their belongings is a good motivation for them.

Organize your kids’ toys today!

It’s important to learn how to keep their belongings organized at an early age. It’s a habit that they can carry on until they come of age. Make sure that they have all the support they need during these learning curves. Wondering where to start? You can begin by choosing the best toy storage ideas for your home. Storables.com has a wide range of selections of various home improvement items ranging from storage ideas to study tables. Check out their website today to get more inspiration.

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