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Torrent sites like Kickass shut down a few years ago. It’s also become more challenging to locate reputable torrenting websites due to government crackdowns on the practice worldwide. Because mirrors of The Pirate Bay are constantly being added, it’s easy to believe that torrents are no longer available mistakenly.

With a VPN, you may access any blocked torrent site while being anonymous and safe.

It doesn’t matter which torrent sites you like; your internet provider may block or trace your torrenting activities, depending on which ones. A virtual private network, or VPN, is your best defence against these problems. How? By encrypting your data traffic and disguising your IP address and identity, a VPN protects you during torrenting by allowing you to access any blocked torrent sites. NordVPN is one of our personal favourites. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test it out risk-free.

Which Torrent Site Is The Best?

This is the average speed at which torrents can be downloaded from a particular website using a specific client. While that data is helpful as a general estimate, remember that actual download times will differ significantly depending on the torrent and your internet connection.

Torrent sites’ popularity can be gauged by looking at the amount of monthly traffic they receive, which is linked to various indicators such as the size of their libraries and the number of seeders/leechers. Initially, we considered providing the number of seeders and leechers for popular torrents, but this is a seasonal metric that won’t be relevant in a month or two. Hence, we opted for other metrics instead.

Websites will, whenever possible, offer information on library size. It’s challenging to get a precise number in all circumstances, but our research team did their best to locate one for you.

When deciding which torrent sites to use, keep in mind the type and diversity of torrents available. Pirate Bay and RARBG both offer large torrent libraries with torrents from various genres, while Bibliotik and YTS have extensive book and movie torrents collections. As a result, we’ll go over which platforms work best for certain torrents in the following sections.

When selecting a torrent site, consider ad intrusion as well. The pop-ups that “click themselves” are obnoxious, as are the phoney “contests” that you win without taking part in. A new torrent site may be in order if you have to wait through eight adverts merely to look for a file. Due to the high amount of ad incursion, we chose not to include roughly 3-4 major torrent sites in our analysis.

In addition, RARBG has an active user community.

RARBG is a well-known torrent directory with a thriving seeder community and an extensive selection of high-quality torrents. About 40 million people a month visited it since it launched in 2008.

Competing with The Pirate Bay, it offers an “individualised” experience, replete with top tens and headlines on the home page of several categories. The Pirate Bay is a competitor. It has an extensive collection of torrents, and it is often updated, so you have an excellent possibility of discovering new ones.

The download speed of RARBG and The Pirate Bay are relatively similar. The only difference between the two is that RARBG has more intrusive advertising, so keep that in mind while making your decision.

Those from Portugal, the U.K., and Denmark will also need a VPN to access the site because it is restricted in those countries.

Movie, TV, and music torrents can be found at 1337X.

1337X was a horrible torrenting option a few years ago because it was difficult to use and presented numerous security threats. Since then, the site has undergone a complete makeover, making it easier to navigate and more secure. There are new browsing options for TV shows and movies, such as searching by award nominations.

Thanks to the latest updates, it now receives 53 million monthly visitors, which makes sense given the site’s average download speed of 3-4 MB/s and the absence of any ads. From what we can tell, the creators exclusively profit from bitcoin donations.

You may download music torrents from Torrentz2 for free.

Torrentz2 is a great place to find music, even if it is a small torrent site with only 10-20 million monthly visitors and a limited library of available torrents. When we say it’s perfect, we mean that it boasts the most extensive public torrent music catalogue. Torrentz2 doesn’t have anything else going for it other than that one positive aspect. It’s slow to download (1 to 3 MB/s on average), and many ads are interfering with the experience.

YTS – Our Favorite BitTorrent Site for HD Movie Downloads

Go to YTS to find a movie to watch.

Compared to The Pirate Bay, YTS has a small library and download speeds of 3-4 MB/s, but it receives over 75 million hits every month because of its strategic placement.

EZTV offers high-definition episodes of your preferred shows. Even if its library pales in comparison to industry giants like RARBG, this site is dedicated to TV series and is where you can locate any new HD releases.

It has an excellent seeder-to-leecher ratio due to its large and active community, which receives over 20 million monthly visitors. We went looking for classics like Two and a Half Men and found a good selection.

Zooqle – A Gamers’ Paradise Torrent Site

Google has a solid reputation as the top video game torrent library, and that reputation is well-deserved. For PC and consoles alike, it has an extensive collection of older games that we could find via searching. It turned out that we found a working PS3 version of Uncharted two that we couldn’t find anyplace else in the torrents.

When you can’t locate a working video game torrent, this is an excellent option. It receives over 5 million monthly visitors and has an active community. Download speeds are roughly 1-2 MB/s.

Even better, it’s an easy-to-use system. You can obtain a daily digest of fresh torrents by subscribing to various categories or titles. Even while ad intrusion can become grating at times, it’s tolerable in the vast majority of circumstances.

This is a great torrent site for new releases, such as new albums and movies.

For new releases, LimeTorrents is the best option. It’s a good option if you want a smooth interface and a high seeder/leecher ratio on fresh torrents.

The download speed is 3-4 MB/s on average, and about 20 million people use it each month across all mirrors.

This torrent tracker isn’t as popular as others on our list due to the lack of seeders for older torrents and the fact that ad incursion can be bothersome at times.

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