10 tips to be a good community manager

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How to be a good community manager? . We are going today with some tips and advice to do well as a community manager , be a good social media professional, despite the means that the brand that hires you has. Especially useful if you want to start as a community manager . Go!

Being a good community manager: tips and practical tips

1- Calm, above all

There will be stressful moments, not because of you, but because of the conditions of the job: the brand you work for, an unforeseen change, an unexpected troll. Are you willing to face it, calmly?

The worst thing about a community manager is that they get nervous . A community manager has to always stay calm, because nerves only lead to your brain clouding, and you make decisions for the brand that you later regret, because they are not the best.

2- Empathic content with your audience

Content is king, it is one of the fundamental legs of the work of community manager.

Many users of social networks follow brands not for what they are, which they already know, but for what they offer them in entertainment and useful and valuable content on their social networks .

3- Active listening

A good community manager is always alert, and knows what is being said about the brand, where it is being said, and who is saying it.

Active listening on social media means tracking brand mentions, comments, who shares relevant information about it, who criticizes the brand, who trolls it, etc.

And above all, which users are the best brand ambassadors on social media.

4- Don’t lie

The job of community manager requires one thing: sincerity . You have to always tell the truth, at least how far it can be told, but never lie.

As in life, lies have very short legs, and a liar is caught sooner than a lame man.

5- Humanize the brand

The best way to show a brand on social media is to humanize the brand. A community manager has to remove people from the team, workers, managers, but also users who recommend the brand, who share valuable content about it, and make it grow.

In social networks, people generate trust , and a good community manager has to, in their daily work, show people, at different times, in different situations, to bring the brand closer to its target audience .

6- Publish at the right pace

It sounds easy, but it is not.

Every brand has its best time to post on social media . And you have, as a community manager, know when is the best time to publish in the brands that you manage as a professional.

In social networks there is neither to publish much, nor to publish little, but what is necessary.

7- Look for engagement, not followers

Many bosses are obsessed only with followers, but the important thing in social networks is to gain quality followers: less, but good, is better than many, but bad. And if you want more, you buy them and they bulk😉

A community in social networks is more important if you generate quality users, who interact with the brand regularly, that generate engagement in social networks.

Active users are the future clients of your brand, and as a community manager, a good community manager, you have to bet on it.

8- Talk like them

A good community manager has to mimic the brand with its target audience, speak like them, feel like them, breathe like them.

And if you talk more with your audience, the more you will get to know them, the more info you will get from them, and the language you use on social networks will be closer to their sensitivity, which will generate trust towards your brand .

9- Strategy

As a community manager you have to develop a real strategy for the brand you represent. If you do not have a social media consultant above you, a social media manager, you will have to do it yourself.

Thus, plan the strategy in social networks taking into account:

  • Measurable and achievable objectives .
  • Define your target audience .
  • Brand strategy .
  • Social media strategy.
  • Actions by channels.
  • Editorial calendar .
  • Metrics and kpis .

10- Constancy

You cannot waver, let yourself be carried away, because the brand absorbs you, you go to its mercy, killing a horse.

The planning social networks is key to your job as community manager.

A good community manager has to be constant , and consistency gives the brand rhythm, cadence, security. A baggage that with the passage of time makes it great and confirms it.

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