We Love These 5 Styles of Bridal Bracelets for Black Wedding Dresses

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Although the traditional white wedding dresses have an infinite following, black wedding dresses have also garnered significant attention. Modern women have embraced new ways to express their likings, and stunning black wedding gowns make it to that list! Brides planning to wear this classic style with a quirky side should also keep in mind to select their accessories based on their wedding gown. The minimalist bride who wants to keep it simple can opt for a pair of beautiful stud Shungite earrings, a type of gemstone. The great thing about them is that she can always reuse them later on various occasions. Along with the pair of stud earrings, it’s better to go for a well-designed bracelet and skip the necklace altogether. This is to make sure that the attention doesn’t waver from the beauty of her magnificent dress. 

Brides should keep in mind to get jewelry that flatters their dress style and compliments the fabric. If, in case, the bride selects a satin slip dress, then adding diamonds to the outfit will give it more structure and class. One should take outfit inspirations from their personal pinboards or great designers like Vera Wang and Alexander McQueen, who’ve rocked the black shade in the past on numerous occasions. As far as accessories are concerned, we have you covered. Here are 5 styles of bracelets that’ll work perfectly with your black wedding dress and add the cool and chic factor to your ensemble.

1.Black Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis bracelets are the most iconic bracelets of all time. It’s the perfect accessory that women can wear to their most special occasions. The line of diamonds that are identical in shape, clarity, and cut make for a timeless piece that every woman should own. The bride can pick a black diamond tennis bracelet to accessorize her wedding gown without worrying that it’ll be too much or too little for her big day. With its intricate shape and complementary platinum metal finish, it’s perfectly enough for the occasion to highlight the wrist and enhance the shine of the stunning diamond pieces. 

2.Sleek Shugnite Bracelet

If the bride wants to add the perfect amount of elegance and sophistication to her dress, she can wear a sleek Shungite bracelet with her black wedding gown. Additionally, Shugnite gemstones also carry excellent cleansing properties to prevent the person from strong radiation. This means that the bride can continue to wear this bracelet on an everyday basis. She can go for a sleek silver link bracelet with singular Shugnite stones fitted to the metal or opt for a stylish beaded bracelet with small silver embellishments attached in between the stones. The bride can select the ideal bracelet according to her preference, but this one is an exceptional choice for future occasions too!

3.Crystal Cuff Bracelet

Crystal bracelets are perfect for brides who want to look for contrasting colors with their black wedding dress. Rather than selecting diamonds and golds, huge crystal stones such as Garnet and Topaz will look exquisite on the bride’s wrist. The bride can choose a beautiful Sapphire to fulfill her ‘something blue’ tradition, and it’ll be a beautiful contrast to the black wedding gown. The crystal can be attached to a cool-colored metal since black will look best with deeper or cooler shades. Moreover, the surface of the textured platinum cuff will reflect light and attract more attention towards the stone. It’s an excellent choice for brides who want a little bling on their wrists. 

4.Pearl Beaded Bracelet

Pearls are pure, simple, and give the most alluring look of all stones. Brides can pair them with most dresses and styles because of how versatile it is, and it’ll still look the most exquisite and classy amongst other jewelry articles. Brides can opt for a simple strand of pearl bracelets, which is a warmer shade than the shine of the diamonds. For more varieties, the bride can find selections that are adorned with diamonds or gemstones. Based on the rest of the accessories, the pearl bracelet will give a fuller look to the dress. Additionally, the pearls will also provide a good contrast against the detailing of the gown. Brides willing to experiment with their jewelry can choose from different shades and shapes of pearls that work well with the dress. It is always beneficial to seek help from experts when shopping for a unique piece in a jewelry store. Their guidance makes your final decision easier.

5.Platinum Band Bracelet

For brides that plan on wearing a full-sleeved wedding gown, platinum bands will work flawlessly without disturbing the beauty of the dress. The bracelet is a simple and sober choice for those who don’t wish to add too much bling or contrasting pieces to disturb their final look. The brides can pair the platinum band with almost any attire after the wedding, so it’s not only a safe investment but also a smart one! Brides can add small diamond pieces to the band if they want it to look a little bit more ‘extra.’


Platinum Band Bracelet
Platinum Band Bracelet

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