Email marketing automation and its benefits

marketing automation

The email marketing automation is such an important tool used by companies to run all processes of a digital marketing strategy in less time and cost.

According to data from Statista, 29 percent of surveyed marketers said generating higher-quality leads was the main reason they used marketing automation .

For this reason, companies rely on professional email marketing software that is efficient and allows them to analyze all the stages the customer goes through during the purchase process.

Email Marketing to generate leads

In other words, Inbound Marketing requires and relies on automation to carry out the actions that allow it to increase the number of
visits to the website, attract new leads and, over time, retain them.

In these convulsive times that are constantly updated, marketing automation has gained more strength and works in tune with the new habits that consumers have.

Brands or companies that incorporate automation in their
campaigns want to achieve greater control in all those complex tasks.

For example: SMS sending, segmentation and personalization, automatic responses for a punctual email, analyzing metrics and nurturing leads.

In this opportunity, we will tell you what are the 5 benefits of automated email marketing and why it is so important to apply it (if you have not already done so) to improve your engagement .

The 5 benefits of implementing marketing automation to boost your business

Each client is different from another and what may work for some does not mean that it will work for all.

That is why it is important that you know the needs of each
person to know what to sell and how to sell and thus offer a satisfactory experience.

From there, you will begin to create a long-term relationship between customer-brand and send the right message at the perfect time.

These benefits will be of great help to you:

1- More personalized interactions in your emails

The have segmented database of your customers and prospects will save time and according to their information: their qualities, their demographics and what you want can create specific content for your target.

In this way it will happen that the person feeling identified with the message ends up being part of your brand.

It is important to let that person know that you are 100% for him or her
and you are going to give him what he is looking for.

2- More personalized interactions in your emails

With automation, you will not have to dedicate yourself to doing those manual tasks that take so much time.

A software (the one you choose) will do all the work for you.
You simply create the sequences you want for each message and schedule the sending of the email so that it arrives at the perfect time.

For example, a person has just made a purchase on a product, but you can schedule a message to reach them with products that are related to the one they just bought and offer them a discount voucher or

Will you decide to buy again? Try it and tell us if it worked.

3- Measure the results

The best thing about marketing automation is that you don’t need a human team to do everything operational.

It is so easy to leave everything programmed depending on the software you
use, but here comes the essential thing: analyze each of the actions and measure the results.

This is the only way to see what is working and the errors that you can immediately improve to increase engagement with your customers .

4- Your strategy will be multichannel

One of two or you reach your target through different channels or you wait for them to come for you (it rarely happens).

With automation you will be able to interact with your audience by
scheduling your different posts on SMS, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube and blogs.

Keep in mind that the behavior of your customers is not the same on each platform and it is up to you to use an effective strategy to catch them, gain visibility, build loyalty, create community, increase sales, etc.

5- Higher income

One of your objectives is to convert that subscriber into a regular customer and that is why you rely on marketing automation actions to offer them content frequently, but of quality and of interest to the person who reads you.

For example, imagine that you have a subscriber who does not interact much on your website, but follows your publications on social networks, shares them but has not yet dared to make a purchase.

What are you doing? email marketing will be key to offer suggestions
about your services and products so that they decide to buy
 . (I needed a push).

Why is implementing automated marketing so important?

As we have explained in this article, marketing automation goes beyond stopping manual tasks and scheduling the sending of messages.

Automation will help your company or brand increase the ROI in your digital marketing actions .

And, above all, that each message that reaches your customer is sent at the right time and with personalized content according to their behavior, their last purchase and thus satisfy all those needs.

Marketing automation was born to meet all the objectives you have set: achieve more sales and become competitive against other brands or companies.

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