How to gain subscribers on YouTube and grow your YouTube channel


Gaining subscribers on YouTube takes work. Winning the first 100 subscribers is difficult, and reaching 1000 subscribers even more, which allows you to monetize your YouTube channel , along with the 4000 hours of viewing in the last year. But we go step by step. How to gain subscribers on YouTube fast? 

Gain subscribers on YouTube fast 

Growing YouTube subscribers fast takes planning and work, a lot of work.

A YouTube channel needs time to plan the strategy, time to record the videos and time to edit them. There is also the editing of the video on the YouTube channel itself and sharing the video on the channels you need to increase the number of views .

Reaching 100 subscribers and 1000 subscribers especially is a matter of time, but it is always good to have some tips for YouTube that allow you to achieve it as soon as possible, right?

What to do to gain subscribers on YouTube

Now, we are going to see tips to grow your YouTube channel and gain subscribers in 2019 . They are not tricks, they are work procedures necessary for your videos to gain views and allow you to gain free subscribers on YouTube . We see it?

Define the theme of the channel

To attract subscribers to your YouTube channel you have to upload videos to YouTube on a certain topic, videos with similar content on a macro topic that interests you and what you control.

Thus, gaining more subscribers on YouTube is closely related to the ability you have to transmit knowledge that you have in video format. Logically, the passage of time will give you experience in communication and as you increase followers, your channel will gain notoriety and will become a benchmark in relation to a specific topic.

For example, in mine I talk about Social Media and Social Networks, so I attract potential subscribers to the channel who are interested in that specific topic.

Use the keywords

Thus, the keywords or keywords that you use for your post are also used on YouTube.

This is what is called SEO on YouTube . How to position a video on Youtube? What factors must be taken into account to do SEO well on YouTube?

  • Title : put the keywords in the title. It is the first text that is shown to the potential YouTube subscriber when they see a video before playing it, and in the mobile version, it is the only text by default.Therefore 😉, you have to include the main keyword in the title of your video .
  • Description : in the text box below the title, add the keyword and related keywords. In the descriptions, take the opportunity to put those keywords that respond to search intentions of YouTube users on the title of the video, search variants, so that YouTube relates those intentions with the content of your video.
  • Tags : without are a determining factor for the positioning of your videos on Yotube . You must include the best tags in each video you upload to YouTube.
  • Name of the file you upload : before uploading your video, change the name and put one that is related to the keyword you are interested in ranking the most. It is part of the metadata of the video .

How the Youtube thumbnail modifies the CTR

The YouTube thumbnail is important, essential, for potential subscribers to see your videos.

When a user on YouTube watches a video, or searches for content in the search bar, they get related content. The key is that your videos appear more in related videos on YouTube , and that people see them. And for this the miniature you design is decisive.

A good YouTube thumbnail has to attract the user to your video instead of the other related videos.

For it:

  • Design a visually appealing thumbnail.
  • Choose colors with high contrast between the elements that make up the miniature.
  • Let it be seen in text what the YouTube video that you are going to upload to your channel is about.
  • Humanize: you appear as youtuber creator of the channel’s content.

Share your videos outside of Youtube

It is essential to gain subscribers fast from the creation of your YouTube channel .

Thus, it is essential that for people to know that you have a new YouTube channel, or in its first phase of development, you share your YouTube channel on other social networks and on your website.

Create a YouTube strategy also for outside of YouTube that allows you to grow your YouTube channel quickly from the beginning.

Use the B-Roll

B-Roll on YouTube is to change the plane of the video from time to time, either to show other related content, make a break to differentiate parts of the video, show details of an object that you talk about in your videos, etc.

An example of a simple B-Roll is this video, where I keep talking about the subject while you stop watching me and see another sequence of content, to see me again later.

Gain viewing time

There are several ways to increase the viewing time of your YouTube channel and your videos. Don’t forget that viewing time is a determining factor in the positioning of your channel and your videos.

Watch time is the most important metric on YouTube right now.

How can I increase the viewing time on Youtube?

  • Use the related videos at the end of each video with YouTube notifications . See how I do it here .
  • Also, use the cards to suggest additional content in your YouTube videos. Look here .
  • Create playlists with good related content. Look here .

Invite users to subscribe to your YouTube channel

As simple as that. At various points in the video, invite viewers of the video to subscribe to the channel, both in text within the video and by speaking. If they consider the content useful, valuable, and believe that the videos you upload in the future will interest them, they will not hesitate to subscribe.

It is a simple way to gain subscribers on YouTube for free and fast .

Upload many videos to YouTube on a specific topic

Another way to increase your subscribers on YouTube is to make videos of the same specific theme, that are related to each other, that each video touches a specific characteristic.

This helps you position yourself as a specialist in a subject, while positioning the same video theme on YouTube.

Humanize the brand on Youtube

The YouTube channel, to gain subscribers, must have two things: good content of value for the community , and second, be close and empathize with your audience.

The second variable of humanizing your brand on YouTube enters here : create a personalized channel, your own, with your communication style. It is what will differentiate you from others.

Gaining subscribers on YouTube is working on it

In conclusion, tell you what I always say: everything you do on the Internet is the result of work if you want to achieve success, if you want to make the most of your time and money invested.

So, to gain subscribers on YouTube it is the same: work and pamper your channel, and the subscribers will arrive

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