How to make a newsletter: recommendations to make it effective and attractive


Making a good newsletter is not easy , if you don’t know how to make it attractive . Therefore, to talk about Email Marketing and newsletter , I have invited Johanna Uribe, Content Manger of Mailify. I hope you like it🙂

Although most of the technical aspects that explain how to make a newsletter are very practical and intuitive , we must be clear about certain recommendations so that our email goes beyond being an open message by the user, we need to attract them with our content.

If we have our own database and quality leads , a strategy that increases its effectiveness and an innovative mailing application such as Mailify, the newsletter will be easily integrated into your objectives, being one of the digital actions that will help you to achieve a high percentage of loyalty .

Do you want to know how? Below we will share a series of keys so that your subscribers fall in love with the content of your newsletter.

Let us begin…

How to make an effective and attractive newsletter for your subscribers

Define a goal

The first step to follow on how to make a newsletter   is to focus on an idea or topic and avoid making a mix of concepts that may confuse the user. For example, including the best products of the month and new blog entries in a single newsletter is not the most convenient thing to do.

It is clear that the average person does not like to read so if you want effectiveness be brief, concise and clear. Likewise, define a regularity in the shipment, you can even customize this action, it is important to be constant but not insistent.

The subject should be a great headline

Overflowing all our creativity in preparing the newsletter is essential but it is no more or less important than the writing of the subject. You have to be clear that the subject is the gateway to viewing your email so make it attractive!

The subject must have :

  1. correct length : each email provider has a different one, generally they allow between 46 and 70 characters.
  2. key concept : it must be located within the first 3 words of the subject, otherwise the user may not read them and is not incentivized to open the message.
  3. Lowercase and uppercase : not capitalizing everything increases the chances of spam.

Send a welcome email

This is the starting point to start building subscriber trust. Achieving that it has been registered in our database is extremely valuable but it is even more valuable to maintain it.

Send him a welcome message where you can inform him a little about the company and above all explain how you can help him.

Promotional content should be only 10%

The current digital user is in constant search of information, so it is recommended that 90% of the contents of your newsletter be informative, educational or entertainment, and only 10% of promotions.

Includes interactive formats

Video is one of the formats most consumed by Internet users today, so why leave them out of our newsletter?

Including a video increases the email opening rate , in this case it is important to announce it from the subject line. GIFs are also an excellent resource especially when you are targeting a young audience.

It is true that not all emails or users allow the reproduction of these formats, but this is not a reason to put this practice aside. In this case, the best alternative is to include a static image for recipients who cannot view them.

Share content from your users

The best thing you can do for the user is make them the center of attention, they like it!

Some ideas are to share your most relevant comments or tell stories with our products / services.

Take advantage of seasonal events

Current affairs are a great idea for the user to become interested in your content, you can address trending topics, events in your city or resort to seasonal issues such as summer.

Optimize the subscription form

Having an optimal form helps to generate more subscriptions, so perform A / B tests periodically to check its operation and take advantage of the results to improve it if it is the case.

Announce new products and services

Here you can implement two very effective strategies for your brand:

  1. If your subscribers are the first to know about the launch or novelty of the product / service, expectations will increase and it will be even more attractive information for them.
  2. If you allow subscribers to interact with this novelty, you will be able to raise loyalty and conversion possibilities to the highest level.

Implement retargeting

This practice is very successful for e-commerce. Keeping track of abandoned cars on a website is very important, you can send a newsletter to these users about the advantages, promotions or news of the abandoned product / service and resume the sales possibilities.

Take surveys

This may be one of the most important newsletters you should send, with them you will achieve results to optimize segmentation, you will collect information about their interests, level of satisfaction and you will even get new ideas.

Mailify integrates a form editor called FormBuilder, which works intuitively with drag-and-drop modules, where you can create attractive forms and surveys and customize them.

Conclusion: very effective practices of how to make a newsletter

Throughout the text we collect some very effective practices on how to make a newsletter that truly captivates the recipient, but remember that the main thing is that you do not underestimate the power they have, and that you take advantage of all its benefits to generate more leads .

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