How to Update Content for Maximum SEO Value

SEO Value

Updating content on your website may sound boring for some bloggers and businesses. But as a digital marketer you may get to know how important it is. From big brands to successful bloggers, everyone is updating their content. There are some strong reasons why you need to update the content published on your website. 

To make your website more useful for the readers or visitors, you need to be updated. Remember the shop in your local area with no new products? Will you buy anything or like to visit that shop again? No, not at all. But if that shop has new products, then you will go there for sure. So it is simple to understand that the new and updated content on your blog is really important and you need it for maximum SEO value. If you want to see your website at the top of SERPs (search engine result pages) then it is a must to repurpose and update your already published content. 

What Is Content Update? 

Content update is simply updating content. Like if you have published a post in 2018, talking about oil production and consumption. Then it is obvious that you have used the data from that year. But now your readers don’t want to know about the 2018 data, because now they are in 2021. So now you have to change that post a little bit. We are not talking about the content restructure or anything related to the format of the blog. You just have to update the content so that your readers can still get something useful from your post.

Why Do You Need To Update Your Content? 

The reason is very simple. You need to update your content to stay ahead in the competition. But there are some other important reasons also. Following are some reasons shared by SEO reseller why you need to update already published content on your site. 

#1. Changed Search Intent

Search intent is never the same always. It changes from time to time. So what about your content? If the search intent is changing, then you must be changing the content also. If your content is not parallel with search intent, then there will be no effective results. So you have to satisfy the search intent with your content. 

#2. Change In Data & Information

Data always changes year after year. So you need to update the information or data you used in the previous posts. What if these posts rank? Then your audience will find irrelevant or too old data. So just change the data. 

#3. To Stay In The Race

There is always high competition in digital marketing. No matter which keywords you are targeting. There is always a bay of other blogs on the same topic or keywords. So to stay ahead in the race you need to update content. 

#4. To Get On The First Page

To get on the first page of search engine result pages, you need to publish content on your website with updated data. 

Follow The Steps To Update Your Content

Now let’s follow the steps to update your content. There can be many ways to do it. But we are here with the best and easy way to update your content. 

#1. Choose Right Pages

First of all, you have to choose the pages or blog posts that you want to update. Questions may arise in your mind like, what pages do you need to update? Well, the following are some methods to find the right pages to update. 

Pages On Performance Basis

If some pages were performing better in the past but now they are not doing well, then you need to update those pages. 

Pages With High Ranking Keywords

If some pages have high ranking keywords and it feels like they can perform better, then choose those pages to update content. 

Pages That Have More Data & Facts

Pages that have more data and facts included must choose while updating content on your website. 

#2. Go Through The Mentioned Sources

After choosing the right pages, go through the mentioned sources of information on your posts. Check whether the sources are still working or not. If they are not working then replace them.

#3. Facts & Figures Must Be Updated

Look for all the facts and figures and try to cross-check them on the internet. Do some research to find out whether some facts and figures require an update or not. 

#4. Think Like A Searcher

Think like a searcher who searches for the right and useful information. Think in a way to check whether your content is useful or not. If it is not useful then update it and make it useful for others. 

#5. Modify Keyword Strategy

Try adding more LSI keywords and modify the keywords strategy according to the trends in keyword marketing. 

#6. Update Link Addresses

No broken links should be there in your blog posts. Always look for the links and test whether they are redirecting your audience to other pages or not. Replace all the broken links. 

Final Thought

Updating content can be a simple task but the benefits that it provides are always awesome. It is very important in these high competition days to update your content. To avail maximum SEO value and output it is very important to update your content. Without content updates, you cannot get your website ranked on the first page of SERPs. 

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