How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Social Media

All things had good sides and bad sides. Most of us think social media are just for fun but have you imagined that you can promote your business or your talent or passion on social media like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and get huge Instagram free followers so that more people will follow you and you can earn money. In this era of online business, you can also start your business through social media and it does not take any huge investment, you just have to follow some steps.

In this article we will discuss those steps that you follow to use your social media accounts in your business:

In this context might you have a question which social media app is the best for business? Personally I recommended Instagram because in other social media platforms you can see so many unnecessary things but in Instagram you only see pictures and videos and it also promotes those things in every member’s search program. More than 1 billion people use Instagram per month and 90% of people track at least one business. So if you follow the following steps, you will surely achieve your goal.

1. Create a business account:

Don’t allow your personal account for running business because when people see your profile they will be a little bit disappointed. So only use a business account and make your profile according to your business purpose. For this you need to install an Instagram app from play store or IAS and then create a new account with Facebook so that when you post something on Instagram your Facebook friends also notice this. You can also switch your personal account to business account; for this go to settings and tap account then choose business then tap on done.

2. Create an attractive Instagram strategy:

Classify target audience:

A perfect social media strategy is when it understands your audience. You don’t need to target everybody; you just targeted those people who have a demand.

Create content calendar:

After completing the audience and strategy, must keep some attention on content because it is very important to give your audience continuous content. When you continuously post your business things such as photos, videos, your audience will be attracted and you can easily get free followers Instagram which will also motivate you.

Set your goal:

Your strategy or goal should set up with what you expect to achieve from the platform.  Start your business ideas and classify how it can help you. For this you can apply the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely) framework.

Make attractive a profile:

When your profile is attracted by the people, they will have some interest in your products. For this you have to follow three steps such as: Write a great bio, Optimize the profile picture, add your contact details on the bio. Make your profile in a way where people can know everything about your business from your profile. So that your profile picture should be the brand logo and add your contact details such as number, email so that people can contact you. And the main thing is that you bio should contain your business purpose.

3. Use some strategies to make more followers:

As much as followers you have, the more people will know about you. So take some strategies so that you gain followers. You can also register on Instagram followers app such as GetInsta where you can easily get free followers.


There are so many people who build their career online so why don’t you try. Set your mind follow these steps and start a new journey with your passion.

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