Losmovies- Best 10 Similar Sites to Los Movies


Losmovies- Best 10 Similar Sites to Los Movies

Like most of the online movie streaming sites, Los Movies is also a piracy site. LosMovies offers free online movie streaming and downloading. It provides all the new and old English, Tamil, Telugu and, Hindi movies. All the contents of Los Movies are in HD quality and subtitles are also available.

It adds the new releases very quickly. The movies are available in HD quality starting from 360p,720p to 1080p. Although it is an illegal piracy site it has been able to successfully leak all the popular and latest English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and, Kannada movies.

Los Movies 2021 is the new site as the previous sites are been blocked for quite a long time. LosMovies 2021 HD offers free online streaming of movies and shows.

Since Los Movies is a piracy site it gets blocked and banned time and again. However, there are other similar sites to Los Movies from where you can watch and download HD movies for free.

What is a LosMovies?

LosMovies happens to be one of the most popular search engine torrent websites that consist of a large number of torrent files and magnet links. This is being used for peer-to-peer file sharing, through bit torrent protocol.

You can download HD movies, TV shows, web series and, anime from the LosMovies 2021 torrent.

It is much easier and affordable to download and watch movies from Losmovies torrent than buying a premium subscription of legal apps and sites.

However, like most of the torrents, Losmovies torrent is also an illegal site and hence gets blocked again and again. But the torrent operators are also very smart and they come up with the new domain name link soon after the previous one gets banned.

Besides, LosMovies also has many proxy and mirror sites. Proxy sites protect the identity and location of the user thus saving him/her from probable misfortune and trouble.

When and Why Did Los Movies Shut Down?

Los Movies is an illegal piracy website and it shut down soon after it was released. It was released in 2017 and was shut down next year in 2018 due to legal issues.

Streaming pirated content of original copy-righted content is an offensive and punishable act by law. Not only the website but using it is also an illegal act and users are also punished by law if found using illegal sites like Los Movies.

Many legal charges were sued against the website and its users. Therefore, it gets caught by the authorities and, was blocked.

Many new Los Movies domains and proxy sites have come up and banned time and again since 2017. Illegality is the main reason behind the shut of Los Movies.

However, Los Movies 2021 website has come up again. English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and, Hindi movies are available for free on Los Movies 2021 HD.

LosMovies Website New URL

Many mirror sites are there of Los Movies as the original site has been blocked for a long time. Here is the list of new links of proxy and mirror sites of the Los Movies website.

  • losmovies.us
  • nocensor.icu
  • sh
  • losmovies.live
  • com
  • is
  • cc
  • ac
  • tv
  • movies

Top 10 Alternatives to Los Movies.cc

As Los Movies is a piracy site, it gets banned and blocked regularly. Hence the users face problems in accessing Los movies websites and links. But there are ample excellent alternatives similar to Los Movies available on the internet. If you are facing problems in accessing Los movies or any of its mirror sites you can always opt for alternative sites.

  • Megashare

You can download unlimited HD movies and series and also watch these online. An amazing collection of movies of multiple languages and different genres are available for free in Megashare. It is easily accessible and you don’t need to register or Sign up to get access.

  • Viooz

Viooz also provides free online streaming and downloads of HD movies in various languages and, genres. New releases are updated regularly on the site. TV shows are also available in Viooz for free.

  • 123Movies

This is a reliable and secure site. It provides permitted and legal content which makes the site secure to use. It also has different sort options like sort by year, country and, genres. All contents are available in HD quality for free.

  • Popcornflix

It has an arranged navigation system that allows users to pick their favorite content easily. All the latest and, old movies, shows, and series are available in HD quality for free.

  • Movie4k

It also provides unlimited streaming and downloads of HD movies and TV shows for free. Hence, is easily accessible and no registration is required to access it. It has a very quick access feature which makes this site stand out among others.

  • GoMovies

It provides the category-based search feature which makes it unique. Plus it adds new releases very quickly. Users can also leave feedback and reviews in the comment section given below its contents. All the movies are in HD quality and are available for free.

  • Putlocker

It also has similar features to all the above-mentioned sites. Movies and TV shows are available for free in HD quality. Movies and shows of all genres and multiple languages are available. It has a search box which helps in a quick search.

  • Afdah

Afdah also consists of similar features. Movies and TV shows of different genres in HD quality are available for both downloads and online streaming.

  • Watch Series TV

This site is a treasure for TV show lovers. All the latest episodes of popular, new, and, old TV shows are available in Watch Series TV in HD quality for free. You can also watch the older missed-out episodes of your favorite TV show.

  • GoStream

GoStream is another popular movie and TV series streaming site. It also provides content in HD quality for free. All the latest and popular movies and series are available and regularly updated on the site. All the genres, be it comedy or action thriller everything is available.

Losmovies Revenue

Since Los Movies is a free content downloading website it has millions of users. About 1 million to 2 million views in one single day recorded so far. This record is given by the Google watchword report. So we can well imagine how huge does this site earn.

You might be thinking how does a free movie streaming site earn such a huge revenue right? Well, I guess you’ve been annoyed with the repeated ads between the movies and shows on this site. These ads are their main source of revenue. They don’t just allow these ads to pop-up on their site for free. They charge the ad givers and they charge quite a good amount for putting ads on their site.

It earns about $20000 to $40000 per month which equals INR Rs15-30 lakhs per month. It’s quite a handsome amount, isn’t it?

Therefore, this is how Los Movies earn huge revenue by allowing ads to pop-up on their site.

Los Movies FAQs

  • Is it safe to use Los Movies?

It is not safe to use a piracy site. It is illegal and is a punishable act by law. Besides, your device will also get corrupted by malware and viruses.

  • Is Los Movies Original Website available?

At present only the mirror and proxy sites of Los Movies are available. The original site was banned and blocked in 2018. However, there are ample mirror and proxy sites available. You can also refer to other similar to Los Movies sites or alternatives.

  • Is VPN required to access Los Movies?

In countries where Los Movies is illegal and you have to access the site by connecting to a VPN server. You can install the VPN software on your phone and connect to any of the strong servers shown on the screen.

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