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What is the price for running social networks? What price do I put on my social networks? How much does a community manager charge ? If a potential client has written to you, especially if it is the first, they will be waiting for an answer to the question of how much do you charge to bring me social networks?

So, this post interests you. We are going to see what price to put for running social networks , how to present an appropriate social media management proposal to the client, and when to charge for your social media services as a social media manager.

First of all, for taking social networks you charge , hey, look at what things. Your cousin, your brother, your uncle can take it, of course. But it is better to trust a professional to run social media, who takes care of your brand image and manages communication with customers.

I anticipate it in case, you get a toxic client who throws you a ridiculous proposal for being a beginner. You choose who to work with, and when to leave, just like them.

Come on, to the good. How much to charge for taking social networks?

How much to charge for taking social networks?

Of course, prices are different in Spain than in other countries, just as we charge less than other more advanced countries, and we charge more than many other less developed countries.

This post is not a study of the sector on the prices to carry the networks, that is clear . There are brands that budget more because they can, others cannot and budget less, which does not imply the same work on your part as a manager of social networks.

It depends on the means they have. Not all brands have thousands of euros a month to invest . Everything corresponds to the time you spend afterwards. And you set a real budget.

Thus, what you have to have as a premise is that you charge for the time you dedicate to the brand , neither more nor less. I say this because it works with what was agreed before with the client. Tasks not agreed upon, you do not perform, unless resources and budget are increased.

How much to charge for taking social networks?

If a potential client writes to you, especially if it is the first, expect a response according to their needs.

First contact with the client

The first thing to ask is what you need on social media , what do you think you need, which is not the same as what you really need. But there you have a state of the initial situation:

  • You know the name of the brand.
  • You can take a look at his career, if he has it, on social media, web, blog, etc.
  • You can see above how the management has been to date in social media: strategy , publications, effectiveness, etc.

Social Media proposal in social networks

Now you have to have a social media proposal template prepared that you adapt to the new client:

  • Include your logo and brand name.
  • Determine the overall impression of its evolution.
  • Mark the errors and shortcomings that the brand has.
  • Submit a social media budget for social media .

What budget do I put for social networks?

Here comes the key part. The prices to manage the social networks of a company or personal brand you have to mark them according to several variables:

  • What social networks are you going to manage as a community manager.
  • How many publications are you going to make, because each brand needs one at every moment of its online evolution.
  • Tools you are going to use in the management and creation of this content and management of the brand’s online reputation and customer service.
  • Elaboration of social media analytics for the social networks that you carry.

Taking all the variables, you will know how much time you are going to spend in the professional management of the client’s social networks .

It is essential that you calculate time, because if you have several brands on social media, the time you dedicate to each one is in accordance with the agreed budget and the time spent developing the tasks for which you have committed.

very common mistake when you start to take the social networks of a company, at the beginning, is to be more generous than you should, because it is your first client. But then more come to you, and managing time as a community manager becomes a global problem.

If you don’t know how, you can always take a course to take social networks like this or this one .

Social media prices

As everything in life is relative, it depends on each individual and their circumstances, I tell you my experience, and I give you some guide prices, which are adjusted according to each client, their resources and their budget.

Because you will be presented with the case that the client, once he has seen your proposal, wants everything, but his budget is lower, so you have to determine what we are going to do and what we are not going to do in the management of his social media.

I determine the social media price by counting 2 variables:

  • I put a price per social network …
  • Worse with fixed content; If the client needs more, the budget is extended and it is done.


All prices are without VAT , which is added later.

They are budgets for medium brands (medium budgets), with which I usually work .

Prices for Facebook : between 80 and 150 euros per month for a maximum of 3 contents per week, without ads. Separate ads if applicable.

Prices for Twitter : between 90 and 150 euros per month for a maximum of 10 tweets per week.

Prices for Instagram : between 100 and 200 euros per month for 4 contents in the daily feed and stories.

Prices for LinkedIn : between 90 and 180 euros per month for 4 weekly content and a LinkedIn Pulse.

Prices for YouTube : here it varies more if I make the videos or not (editing and recording), but it can range between 150 and 400 per month for 2 videos per month.

I have already told you that they are open, indicative prices.

Of course, I didn’t charge that when I started, because I had no experience in social networks .

When is charged

For the management of social networks, it is charged monthly , with one month’s notice as a general rule by both parties to stop working together.

I charge the current month, that is, if it is in March, I pass the invoices to all the clients the third week of each month, but it is my way of working.

How to manage the social networks of a business

An online business, in social media, needs work guidelines, which are normally reflected in a Social Media Plan .

To carry the social networks of a business you need:

  • Training , to know what to do at all times.
  • Speed , for online reputation crisis management and customer service.
  • Knowledge of social media tools.
  • Creativity , to design impressive creatives that give personality to the brand in social networks.
  • Honesty , to start with the brand, but also to leave it if the client does not follow your guidelines or directly “passes you”.
  • Constancy , to comply with what was agreed, the rate of publication, measurement, management, etc.
  • Adaptation to changes in the sector, the competition, and the brand itself.

Well, now you know what is charged for social networks , and when it is charged for it. Now you have to take the step and present your first budget to the client. The first time is the hardest, then everything flows.

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