What Are the Major Roles of Social Media in Knowledge Creation?

social media in knowledge creation

Social media is one of the major platforms that has captured the imagination of people in a big way. It has been used by businesses of all sizes for various purposes. But it is hardly surprising to know that despite being so popular, only a limited number of businesses have been able to make use of it as effectively as they desired. This is because most companies have not yet realized the major roles of social media in increasing sales and establishing business relationships. As a matter of fact, some of them have even failed to understand its worth and significance in the first place. As such, they are not making the most out of this medium and what it can contribute to their sales and marketing endeavors.

Businesses and their marketing strategies have always relied on traditional forms of advertising like print, television and radio. But these mediums often come across as impersonal and outdated, especially for those who do not rely much on technology or do not have a particular affinity for it. Thanks to the Internet, things have changed. Today, relying solely on offline methods of promotion and sales will prove to be ineffective, especially for businesses that have not tapped on the potential that the Web has to offer.

What are the major roles of social media in knowledge management? The Internet has broken all barriers. It has connected people from all corners of the world and regardless of their backgrounds, they share the same sentiments and desires. This is why social networks have managed to captivate so many people – the power of networking lies in its ability to gather and aggregate a large number of people and provide them with the information they seek. In social networks, the information reaches a wider audience than could ever have been accomplished through more traditional means, and this goes a long way in establishing long-term businesses.

Unlike offline media, social media allows quick dissemination of information. A post shared on Facebook or Twitter is usually accessible to people from different parts of the world within the hour, and by doing so, it encourages the spread of information far beyond the reach of conventional means. The power of viral spreads cannot be underestimated. If your Facebook or Twitter followers are aware that you have published something, they will definitely share it with their network. In short, people can pass on information about your products and services in a quick and effective manner if you have done it right.

There are also some sites that allow users to contribute to the pool of knowledge that is available for other people. They share their insights, reviews and insights with the community, so that other people can benefit from their experience. These communities are a boon to the information marketer as well. Through them, you can connect with a bigger and broader segment of potential customers than you would normally get.

As mentioned earlier, there is no denying the fact that media has become a powerful selling tool for the product or service you are promoting. This is why you should leverage the power of social networking sites. Make use of the connections you make online to market your products. But, do not forget that traditional marketing still plays an important role in ensuring your success. You need to advertise your products in order to reach your targeted audience.

The above factors are just some of the major roles that social media play in knowledge sharing. Of course, these do not exhaust all the possibilities it has to offer. There is a lot more that can be achieved through these platforms. However, you must be careful not to fall prey to all the fake accounts that are posing as social media sites. As a rule of the thumb, you should focus on the main ones and ignore all the fake ones.

One final note – don’t forget that people have different perceptions about what are the major roles of social media in knowledge creation. Some see it as a helpful tool that would help them distribute their messages effectively. Others believe it to be a dangerous space where scammers prey. As such, the key is to use social media in a way that it complements your efforts in delivering knowledge.

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