How an Organized Bathroom Helps Improve Relaxation


Most of the organizing tips you search online are probably centered around keeping your kitchen and bedroom clean and sorted out. But, what you should know is that your bathroom also deserves that much attention, not only for sanitary reasons but for the benefits it has to offer as well. 

A little makeover, clean-up, and a life-long commitment to maintaining a bathroom are key to converting it into someplace that promotes relaxation. It also makes it more attractive and improves its functionality overall. Continue reading as we cover the benefits of an organized bathroom, along with some tips to keep it tidy and in order. You’ll also discover how solutions like over the toilet storage can help in this matter. 

The Benefits of an Organized Bathroom 

It promotes relaxation 

Did you know that a disorganized bathroom triggers stress hormones? It explains the importance of keeping your bathroom as organized as possible. It frees you up from the uneasy feeling that you have things to do and allows you to take a rest from a stressful day. 

It makes the bathroom look more attractive 

Tidying up and keeping things organized can go a long way in making even the simplest bathroom more attractive. Without any mess or a foul smell, it creates a good vibe that suddenly invites you to linger longer inside the bathroom. 

• It improves overall functionality

With everything in order, it’s just easier to move around, find the things you need, and finish what you have to do. Storing your bathroom essentials in their proper places keeps them accessible for you while making it easier for you to put them back where you got them. 

It creates a cleaner environment. 

The damp condition in the bathroom is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. By cleaning it regularly, you not only keep these disease-causing germs at bay but also control unpleasant odors a dirty bathroom is often associated with. 

5 Steps to Organize Your Bathroom 

1. Declutter, declutter, declutter 

First things first: scan your bathroom and dispose of anything that is empty, expired, or you no longer use. You should also remove anything that’s not supposed to be in there like cosmetics, makeup brushes, first aid kit, and medicines. Yes, contrary to popular belief, these items are better stored outside the moist bathroom. 

2. Keep your counter clutter-free 

Put all your bathroom essentials inside the cabinet. Another option is to limit what’s on the counter to items that you use every day. This is where you can benefit from having storage solutions where you can put your items to keep them dry and accessible at the same time. 

3. Invest in over-the-toilet storage solutions 

Maximize your bathroom space by using solutions like bins, canisters, and over-the-toilet storage. These are perfect for organizing your bathroom items while keeping them dry and preventing them from becoming a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Enjoy these benefits without worrying about them taking up valuable floor space. 

4. Add a laundry bin 

If your space allows, place a laundry bin inside the bathroom for soiled clothes so they will not scatter all over the bathroom. Think of bins with lids to keep your clothes from getting wet. You can also consider using coordinating containers to keep small items like your toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton balls, etc

5. Clean and repeat 

As said above, maintaining an organized bathroom requires commitment. Schedule tasks such as scrubbing the floors and walls, replacing the rugs, and washing the bathroom curtains on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. How often you will do these tasks largely depends on how many family members are using the bathroom. 

How to Find the Right Storage for You 

There is a wide array of storage solutions available in the market, spoiling you with options in every size, material, and price imaginable. However, given the damp condition in the bathroom, you can benefit more from the ones made with waterproof materials to prevent damage. Other solutions to keep your items off the floor include hooks, towel rails, and hanging shelves. Finish off by adding some accents like a potted plant, scented candles, or by displaying some of your spa essentials. 


Organizing and keeping your bathroom clean can be challenging, considering the other tasks that have to be done day in and day out. But, keep in mind that by cleaning regularly, you can prevent dirt and clutter from building up and ultimately make cleaning easier and faster each time. Don’t forget the benefits it offers, too: a clean and organized bathroom allows you to relax better and enjoy your bath time. 

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