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If you are frustrated with Instagram’s limitations for link sharing, you are not alone, many people are looking for strategies to drive traffic to their websites.

You may not get as much traffic from Instagram, but you will get better quality traffic.

Unlike many other social media platforms, Instagram has never allowed link sharing in posts. However, there are a few strategies you can implement to effectively share a link to drive traffic, whether it’s from your Instagram bio to content formats like Stories, Reels, and IGTV.

Description of IGTV video

Let’s start with IGTV first, because all accounts no matter how many followers you have can include a link in their IGTV video description that people can click on.

When you go to share a link in your IGTV video make sure to include a call to action in the video so that your follower knows they have to go to the video description and click on that link.

This is a quick and easy way for anyone to generate traffic from Instagram.

Direct messages

Another feature that anyone can take advantage of is direct messages. Yes, one can put a link in any Direct Message (DM) conversation and that link will be easily accessible in one click.

Instagram Stories

For Instagram Stories, you are probably familiar with the swipe up feature for links.

Currently, only business accounts and creator accounts with more than 10,000 followers or users with verified accounts can share a link on their Instagram story.

If you have that many followers, you will see the icon at the top of your story. Make sure you put in a call to action so the viewer knows they have to swipe up to access your content.

If you do not fall into one of these categories, there are two options:

You can share a story that leads to the IGTV video that has the link, clearly informing the person of the steps to follow.

Another very good option is to create a story by inviting people to respond to your story so that you send them the link. That will generate active interaction in your story which is very good for your algorithm and will allow you to have a personal conversation with your community. If you do this, don’t forget to add the MD sticker as a call to action to facilitate contact.

Link to your bio

The best known way is to tell people “Click on the link in the bio.” You can indicate that call to action in stories, reels, and Instagram posts. With that you will motivate your followers to go to your profile and click on the link you have.

The problem with this is that you have to constantly update that link.

One way to make the most of this space is by creating a landing page that has the list of the most important links of your digital presence. On your landing page you can put the link to your recent blog posts, your YouTube video page, the page with your products or services, etc.

Although there are tools that offer this service, I recommend that you make the page on your own website and that way you will benefit from the traffic, you will be able to obtain statistics and even do remarketing with the people who visit that page. Remember that most will visit your landing page from a mobile device so it has to be simple and short.

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