Personal Branding: Basic Guide to Creating Videos

Personal Branding

Are you amazing at what you do, but frustrated that no one knows? Videos are an excellent option to share your knowledge and position yourself as a leader in your field.

Did it happen that you are ready to make a video, but you don’t know exactly where to start? In this article you will see in three stages how you should structure your video to optimize your personal brand.


The problem: You submit your entire CV, and you go around because you’re not sure what to say, and then people drop out after a few minutes

The solution: Start video quickly and effectively

The person: The first thing in the video you have to be yourself. It is important that you are the one who welcomes us. People want to see the face that speaks to them.  

Be friendly Welcome without talking so much about yourself, and be friendly from the start. Don’t use a commercial tone and treat everyone as a member of your community.  

The 8-second rule: That’s the time it takes a person to decide whether to stay to watch content or to search for other content. Focus and dive right into the content.

Grid: If you are going to close the introduction with a grid, it is important that it be very short and good. That reflects your identity.

So far our video should not be longer than 20 seconds.


The problem: You take too long to get to the point and fear content theft

The solution: Deliver content generously

Presenting the content: You have to get people immediately interested in giving your content so that they will be interested in staying confident that watching your video in its entirety will be worth it.  

Micro call to action: Use a subtle call to action at this stage. It can be something simple like saying that you will put some links in the description of the video or asking them to use a specific hashtag.

Content delivery: Be generous, but stay focused to deviate from the topic. Deliver high-quality, high-value content.

You got people to stay, they already saw the valuable content. Now it’s time to close the video


The problem: Lack of clarity and focus. No alignment in the call to action

The solution: Create a video closure with intent

Closing time: Give yourself a predetermined limit. Consider the ratio of content time to closing time. For example, if your video was 5 minutes long, the closing should not be longer than 30 seconds.

Call to action interaction : Ask for a reaction to your content, whether it be comments, likes or sharing the video.

Main call to action: You just gave away valuable content so it’s okay to ask for something realistic in return. Clearly explain your call to action that ideally complements your content. Make the action a desirable next step for the viewer.

Awareness of the times: Be aware of how much time you are asking people.

Be grateful: Be thankful for the time they invested in looking at your content.

Clever! Now you just have to define the topics you will publish and start recording.

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