Duplichecker – Features, Uses and compatibility

Duplichecker - Features, Uses and compatibility

You might have heard of Duplichecker if you are related to web management. The name Duplichecker tells you that it has something to do with plagiarism checking and it is absolutely true. 

Duplichecker offers plagiarism checking services for free to its users. Other than the plagiarism checker there are hundreds of other utilities offered by this website which makes it a popular choice for webmasters. 

In this article, we are going to give you an overview including its major features, its uses and also its compatibility. If you want to make your management and SEO journey easier then you should surely get familiar with this tool. 

There are tons of premium quality tools offered by this website for everyone who wishes to make their life easier and simpler. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, teacher, administrator, writer, blogger, professional or manager, this utility website can provide you with every service that you had only wished for!

All you need to know about Duplichecker!

In this article, we have listed out the top-notch aspects of Duplichecker. You can read them and try using the website yourself. 

  • Compatibility

It is an online-based website that can be used by anyone. This website service requires a browser to run on and a strong web connection and you can utilize its tools on any device including desktops, laptops, smartphone and even tablets. There are tons of famous websites that can only be used on desktop systems but if you connect with this website then there is nothing that can stop you from using it on the device of your choice. Furthermore, there are no limitations to the use of this utility and you can utilize the tools whenever you need them!

  • Uses of Duplichecker

There are thousands of uses but we cannot discuss or even mention all of them in one post so we are only going to list out the most effective and helpful uses of this website and its tools!

Text analysis tools

One of the most popular sections of this website is the text analysis one. In this section you are going to find the tools which can be used for:

  • Online Plagiarism checker for checking all sorts of duplications in text. This plagiarism checker is available in both free and paid subscriptions. You can check for plagiarism with different methods. 
  • Word counter for keeping track of words.
  • Grammar check for checking human mistakes in content.
  • Paraphrasing tool to create high-quality content for free.

Backlink tools

It also has to offer backlink relevant tools. By using these tools you can easily create new backlinks and can also check the quality and authority of the ones pointing towards your site!

Keyword research tools

The keyword research tool can also be used for finding new keywords and you can also use it for checking the search density of a certain keyword. If you want to rank against a certain keyword or find the ones that are being used by your competitors then this is also the right platform for you!

Searching and optimizing images

By using the image search tool you can easily find the right images for your website. The image search tool can also be utilized for simply finding image plagiarism or fake image content on the web!

Check website health

You can also use the website checker tools to find out the position and other statistics of your website. This is very important especially if you are competing against other sites!

Monitoring domain

You can use the domain authority checker or the page authority checker tool to check the DA score of your site along with the domain age. By using these tools you can also find out if your domain is expiring soon.

Generating SEO instruments 

It can also help you in creating site maps and other relevant instruments for the proper and formal indexing of a page!


It also offers you tons of free calculators that you can use to solve your day to say mathematical problems without any hassle!


Duplichecker also offers dozens of converter tools using which you can manipulate the format of files!

There are many more tools and much more uses of Duplichecker. Once you connect with the website you would understand how it can help you in different aspects of your busy and tough life!

Features of Duplichecker

Now that you know some major uses of Duplichecker, we would like you to take a look at its key features:

  1. All of the seo tools, converters, calculators and other services are free.
  2. This website can be used on all devices.
  3. The interface of the tool is simple and quite understandable so it can be used by both amateur and professional users!
  4. You can save a lot of time by using the tools.
  5. All of the tools offered by Duplichecker are 100% safe and secure to use.
  6. You would get 24/7 customer-user support from a highly professional team.
  7. The website would not restrict you or disturb you with any limitations!

For more details, visit Duplichecker!

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