The Divine Rules Of An Excellent Lead Generating Website

Lead generation

Leads are an essential part of digital marketing for every online business. According to 53% of marketers, lead generation accounts for half or more of their budget, while 34% claim it accounts for less than half of their budget. 68% of B2B companies utilize strategic landing pages to generate leads. 

However, lead generation is good only until it is generated from your website. However, developing a landing page that can generate maximum lead is difficult. Here are the mandatory lead generating boosters that your page must have:

  • Contact Number

It may seem odd to have a phone number on your website, especially if you provide a digital product. However, doing so enhances customer trust and gives your offer legitimacy. One lead-generating site for a dentist in Los Angeles included the phone number in the domain name.

  • Posting of Forms on Every Page

It’s critical to have simple access to the real lead generating form on your website to increase the number of valid leads. People are more inclined to part over their important personal information if they ask for less information, especially initially.

  • Adding Testimonials to Prove Your Credibility

Testimonials are a great marketing tool. You can enhance it by adding photographs or rich media like video or audio. A powerful testimonial can turn out to be a game-changer for you. Giving customers real-time results is what they expect.

  • Making Videos Your Speaker

Online videos help bridge the gap between online and offline commerce while significantly raising conversion rates in various sectors, especially e-commerce websites. Instead of speaking at the user, the most effective videos communicate. Users who watched a product video were considerably more likely to convert than those who just looked at an ad.

  • Describe Your Brand Offers with Powerful Words

Because of their vibrant tone, powerful action verbs like “get,” “feel,” and “have” are strong compellers, as opposed to “imagine having,” “imagine feeling,” and so on. When you use action-oriented phrases in your offer, you put the consumer in the driver’s seat as the one who receives the advantages rather than just picturing them.

  • Stay Away from Templates from “Cookie Cutter” Sites

Cookie-cutter website themes provide everything ready for you. However, avoid it when it comes to excellent lead generation. Instead, spend as much money as you can on the most amazing website you can afford, and make sure the page’s objective is clear upfront so the designer can customize it to produce leads rather than being pretty or having all the bells and whistles. When buying online, having a well-designed site boosts trust and customer confidence.

Final Thoughts

Besides the points mentioned above, consider many more things while designing the landing page. However, PPC agency Bristol Pearl Lemon is here to make your task easy! Get the best advice and consultancy on lead generation from the market experts and take a step closer to starting your 7-figure agency.

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