Content creation: How can I optimize the relationship with my client?

Content creation

When we talk about achieving online success, we know that the priority is optimizing the experience for our customers. The problem is that we are accelerated, we want fast results, and we get lost in the vanity metrics.

Now that we are more and more in the digital world, it is important to slow down and take time in our actions. But what does that mean? And how can we improve the results of our digital actions?

Currently 75% of companies are producing more content than a year ago, 40% are spending more on content than a year ago. The serious thing is that only 30% of companies manage to know if their content is working or not. Which leaves many wondering what they are doing wrong and how they can get more attention from followers.

Slow down to improve results

The first thing is to change the way you face the challenge. Instead of asking how can I get the public’s attention? You have to ask yourself, how can I gain the trust of my audience?

Trust x Affinity: Do you understand your audience’s problems? Do your audience like you?

1) Slow down and ask yourself what you think you know about your customers.

Trust and affinity are based on the empathy you have for your community. Gaining the trust of your audience is a slow experience, it does not happen overnight and you will not always achieve the expected result on the first try.

When creating content you have to stop focusing on: “I need to create content for_______”) and start focusing on: “I know my community needs______”. What is that valuable that you can offer to your community, something that they would miss if you stopped giving it to them?

Don’t be afraid to challenge content standards and innovate. When looking to build trust, you have to focus on peer-to-peer content rather than brand-to-target content, and this requires being empathetic to their needs. What unites your community? What is that truth that emotionally compromises you?

Information x Listen x Instinct: Every story is a human story about a universal truth.

2) Slow down to build momentum

Some of the best content experiences take place over time and directly engage your audience. So when establishing the content that you are going to create, slow down and ask yourself. How can I build trust and momentum for the content experience over time? How can I involve my community in a meaningful way so that they are invested in the result? How can I create an experience that individually unites them so that they feel involved in the community?


Take a break, and take a critical look at your marketing, as if you were an outsider. What opportunities do you have to slow down, be considerate, and engage your community more effectively?

Truth x Time = Connection. Do I see you constantly? (Even if it is imperfectly)

3) Slow down to build relationships

More specific = Easier to identify

Email is the only place where the people (not the algorithm) are in control. Spend time creating emails that are not one-way, but two-way. Your readers should be able to contact you and you should encourage them to do so.

Your goal has to be to get people to identify with your content. Think what would happen if you didn’t put your company name on the content you share, would your community know it’s yours?

One of the secrets to success in content marketing is that every time you write, you write with a specific person in mind. Don’t make the mistake of spending too much time trying to create the perfect social message, blog post, or email newsletter for your entire audience. What you have to do is think about that person you want to talk to. What does that person need? What problem does that person have? What is that person afraid of? And how can you help her?

True story x Created for your community x Told in a relatable tone = Trust + Affinity

Always present yourself as a person, not as a salesperson.

Lose your marketing voice to build the relationship. People trust people and your consumers really want to get to know you. Continuous, transparent and honest conversations lead us to build a smart and sustainable social strategy.

It’s okay to be perfectly imperfect! Relax and let your personality shine!

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